The “Free”way to Exposure

Many artists who are in the beginning stages of their rise to fame often do not have the resources of music industry professionals to assist them on this journey.  Until these artists find the right investors/management team to fund, develop and market their projects they have turned to social media as a means to display musical creations in hopes to gain fans as well as the right exposure to get their foot in the door.

Social Media has turned into a major outlet for talented and even not so talented, individuals to show their work. Sites like, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace has opened doors for artists to provide the public with their music.  Other social sites dedicated to the music industry (i.e. Reverbnation and SoundClick), has served as a web presence for upcoming and established artists as well.  Such sites have allowed artists to release mix tapes and/or singles for downloads, display upcoming performances, and how they can be contacted for bookings.

If you are an upcoming artist who would like to gain exposure, there are many social media sites that offer free sign up and maintenance.  With this in mind, you will need to take full advantage of these freebies. These sites have allowed potential fans to provide artists with feedback that can be applied to their presence, music, and over all brand. In order to capitalize off these mediums, you should sign up for as many social networking sites as possible.  Social media will provide exposure as well as test and establish a target audience…..for free! However just signing up and uploading music is not enough.  Maintaining and learning to engage with your online connections will enhance exposure potential which can lead to landing that big break.

Below is a list of a few ways to make sure your traveling on the “free” way to exposure effectively:

  • Sign Up – Take that first step in putting yourself out there.
  • Take time to develop your profile – This includes adding the right photos, information about yourself, and music that will best represent you.
  • Learn how each social media site is operated – Look at examples from your competitors and other users to learn how to capitalize off these sites.
  • Connect with as many people as possible – The reason for social networking is to socialize and network. Reach out to individuals that may be interested in hearing about your music and learning about you. It is also a best practice to reach out to other individuals within your field in hopes to gain advice and build a relationship.
  • Promote your profile – Let people know where to find you in the Social Media world.  Don’t be afraid tell others to “follow you on Twitter” or “like your Facebook page”.

Ready to get started?……The answer should be YES!!  Take a look at a few music industry oriented social networking sites to get you started:

Reverbnation –

Hot New Hip Hop –

SoundClick –

Music Vid –

Jazz Passions –

Band Mix –

Band Camp –

Music Vita –

MusoCity –

iLike –


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