Trends……….how many of us have them????

Trends come and go in this industry.  Some artists go after these new trends to gain and maintain relevance. Fans enjoy it for a short period of time until it gets old or the new thing comes along. What can these artists do now that they’ve structured their whole image, style of music, and overall brand around a “come and go” fad? A few jump off that bandwagon and on to the next one calling it “innovation”, while others keep throwing the played out trend in the face of consumers hoping that one day the stars will align and they are popular again.

Once a trend is gone, chances are it’s not coming back. Some musical styles can’t be treated like fashion.  Once they were called “Hammer Pants”. People in the early 90s got a pair and performed the “type writer” at every house party.  Today, you can find them on a runway and instead of the type writer models are giving their best catwalk. I doubt anyone would be inclined in bringing back “snap music” and calling it “the sounds of the finger” in 2015. (But if so, I said it first so I would like a check).

With all of that in mind, its best to decide and develop your own trend for your musical endeavors.  If the latest trend is your style, go for it but remember that you will have thousands of others already in that lane or moving into that lane so be prepared to get pushed over to the emergency shoulder by a fast driver who may get to the fame destination first. To combat this, take an alternate route, try to find a way to make it your own.

For those who refuse to conform to the masses, don’t get discouraged because people aren’t flocking to you right away. Develop a thorough marketing plan to get your brand out there.  Now ask yourself, how do I do this?

  • Know who you are and what you want – Enough said.
  • Understand Marketing – You’d be surprised at how many people don’t know what this is and all of the components.  As an artist its best to have some type of foundation in this field so you’ll be equipped to have input in YOUR marketing plan.
  • Get the RIGHT team – Many executives are in it for the money, which is not always a bad thing because that’s why we work. However, don’t surround yourself with people who are in it just for a quick dollar.  If they can make you famous in two weeks, you may want to consider other options. (Easy come, easy go) These people are working for YOU so make sure your goals are on the same page with their plan. Listen to their expertise but recognize when your vision is getting cloudy.
  • Say NO! – It’s okay to say no to what is not you.

“Just be who you are.”

“Stay true to yourself.”

“Be different.”

All clichéd advice from established artists but guess what…..IT WORKS! Develop your style and find marketers willing to work to give your craft that needed exposure.


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3 thoughts on “Trends……….how many of us have them????

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