Aye Yo! My Mixtape drops……..

Part 1: ……….**Crickets and Tumbleweeds**

The success of Drake has really opened doors to artists “testing the waters” with their music by releasing mixtapes. In today’s world there’s no actual cassette tape but MixMp3 isn’t a very catchy name. So how do you get people to download, buy, or even acknowledge your mixtape?!?! Some artists, especially new, fail at this because although it’s not a full album release, an effective marketing plan must be present to achieve the goals set aside for the project.  Start out by outlining what those goals are. Few examples:

  • Get your name out
  • Allow people to hear what you have to offer
  • Stay relevant in between major projects
  • Give a little “something extra” to your loyal fans

Based on these goals, you’ll have a gauge of how detailed your plan will have to be. Those are just a few reasons a mixtape can benefit your career. But, if no one knows it’s there then you’ve wasted time, money, and most importantly, your talent.  I’ve found various mixtapes that have amazing songs but the public didn’t experience them because they weren’t placed properly. The last two goals are geared towards established artists and they may have these worked in their already implemented marketing plan if not, as an established artist you should:

  • Increase the PR activities to have outlets to advise media of your mixtape
  • Shoot a viral video for a popular single off the mixtape
  • Setup a small intimate tour featuring your hits as well as highlighting your mixtape

Twitter and Facebook has seemed to take over the Social Media world and many artists look to these mediums for release platforms.  But there are a few drawbacks to this especially for new artists. 0 followers means 0 downloads, 30 followers means 2 downloads and maybe one RT. Get where Im going here. Let’s say you have a plethora of followers some labels, entertainment bloggers, your fanbase, radio personalities and stations but they always seem to miss your feed when it comes on the main timeline. AND they get soooo many DMs and @ messages that yours plunk to the bottom of the list.  My solution is to NOT get rid of this medium because I’ve found great mixtapes on Twitter however get from behind the computer and get in these people’s faces.

I search craigslist from time to time and find many talent showcases looking for YOU! An artist with something in hand to show the world what you have to offer. Sign up, show up, get your promo team together to pass out your mixtape thank the people for showing you love and do it ALL over again.  Research your surrounding small towns they need new music too! Setup a “talent showcase tour” and get going. What do you have to lose?!?!

This is just one good way to think outside of the Technology box.  Can’t give out too much free advice, I do run a company Paina B Music Marketing

In the meantime, check out Dream Addicts Management “Flashing Lights” Live Talent Showcase.  VA they’re coming for you first so BE READY!!!! Also follow on Twitter @DreamAddicts.


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