Aye Yo My Mixtape Drops…. (Part II)

Part II: ……..and now what?

So you’ve dropped your mixtape, created a buzz and the people love it.  After about two weeks or so you’re no longer getting as many retweets from your loyal Twitter fans about your mix tape, daily downloads/sales have decreased, and its not rotating as much as it used to. One thing people should understand about marketing activities is that if you really want your project to be successful you have to continuously keep the momentum going with your campaign.  Two weeks of guerilla marketing is not enough to sustain the popularity of your mixtape.  Have a campaign calendar set for various activities each week. (Examples: drop a single and push that single through every outlet you can, shoot a viral video promoting the mixtape and giving a shout out to your loyal fans that have supported you.) Do creative and continuous activities for as long as you want the fire of you mixtape to burn.  Don’t let it fizzle or all of your hard work that you put into your project would have been a waste.

Make sure your team is actively involved as well:

  • Stay on your PR to ensure that you’re gaining proper media coverage for your mixtape such as appearances on online blogs/radio and talk shows, magazine features, press release circulations.
  • Get with your advertising team to create ads to post on these major magazine and blog sites so their visitors will have knowledge of your mixtape and where to get it.
  • Have your booking agent to work around the clock to get you involved in community events, shows, exclusive celebrity events etc. Take pictures pass out a few free copies do interviews with press/media outlets in attendance.
  • Encourage your fans to give feedback and testimonials.  Use the positive testimonials for marketing materials to show others that your product is worth the time to download and/or worth the money.

So there you have it…..you NEVER stop working when you’re trying to get your project off the ground and stay flying.

How do I get it off the ground again??!  To answer this question, please refer to Part I of “Aye Yo my Mixtape Drops….Crickets and Tumble Weeds”

Until next time keep promoting yourselves!


3 thoughts on “Aye Yo My Mixtape Drops…. (Part II)

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