Pause for the Cause

Charity events, community involvement, awareness programs, volunteer services….how many of these have you participated in? If the answer is zero then we need to change that ASAP.  You are focused on your music, trying to break into the industry or stay relevant but make sure you take the time to give back. Various establish celebrities lend a hand in charity events.  But, don’t be the type of celebrity who cuts the ribbon, says hello, and/or show your face then leave.  Get in the trenches, run that race, be on the front line with other dedicated volunteers fighting for that good cause.

As an upcoming artist it’s not a bad idea to associate yourself with a cause that is near and dear to your heart.  We’ve all been affected whether direct or indirect by illnesses, homelessness, violence, etc.  Gather the energy from these experiences and use it to fight for that cause. Take time out of thinking about “I have to make it to the top….” and think “I have to give back”.  The rewards from lending your time and energy to these organizations will be way more than a hit song.

From a consumer viewpoint, I take notice of my favorite artists doing things that are outside of building the brand and giving back to the causes that need awareness, funding, or even a helping hand. This makes me feel as if I made a good decision on patronizing these artists as well as motivate me to come from behind the laptop and get involved.

Community Involvement can be a great marketing tool for you as an artist.  Since you are selling the brand, highlight on causes that you support and organizations that you’ve helped form. Some artists choose to do these things silently and that’s great but it doesn’t hurt to toot your horn a bit if it’ll get more people on board with the involvement.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few great causes to support:

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Footprints 4 Life

Feed the Children

March of Dimes

Develop Africa

Women’s Law Project

American Diabetes Association

Alzheimer’s Foundation for America

Which non-profit organizations/causes do you currently support? (Comment below)


4 thoughts on “Pause for the Cause

  1. I am new to the entertainment business and have tried to market my writing skills with little success. My work is good but my marketing skill and my industry experience are both weak. I have a lot to learn and am focusing much of my efforts to that end.

    Recently, I found myself involved in community theater in Rome Georgia. I portrayed the character of Ernie in the theatrical production of “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.” This paid no cash but I experienced the joy of the audience for eleven shows, four of them were for elementary students. The work and the rehearsals were hard but the sound of those children’s laughter was well worth the effort.

    It was simply something that I had always wanted to do. I thought of this as an opportunity to perform, to play in a sense, or to simply show off. I didn’t recognize the effort as a community involvement, a charity or a volunteer effort until I read this blog. Thinking back, I realize that this is what it was. With it, I have met a number of new friends who have learned of my passion to write and have been most supportive of my efforts.

    There is a different caliber of people who volunteer and finding myself in their company has caused me to become hooked. I love my new friends for the interests we share, for their supporting nature, for the quality of people that they are, and for the better person that I am by knowing them.

    I still have made no money with my writing but I feel that I am on my way, thanks in part, for the experience of volunteering, of giving something to the community, my new home town, Rome Georgia.

    NORVAL Henderson


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