Tap That

Tap into Untapped Markets

When you decided to become an artist, you chose the type of music you would make to express yourself to a certain audience. Did you ever wonder that you would be able to step outside your box a little and express yourself to different markets? If not, then you may want to consider that. Staying true to you is the most important thing you can do in this industry. But why not express your true self to others who are not within your original, ideal target market?

There are plenty revenue and exposure opportunities within markets where their identities are underrepresented. Just because a market is small doesn’t mean that you have to abandon them to get into this industry.  Sometimes you have to start small in order to reach a big market. Small markets can carry an artists’ career to many levels just by you “showing love” to them.

So how do you “tap that”?

–      Research small markets where other artists are not catering to.

–      Determine where you would be able to reach them while keeping your identity

–      Make yourself visible to these markets by understanding how to capture their attention

Many artists set up showcases in small cities, offer promotions to small groups, support causes created by small non-profit organizations. In these cases it is okay to “think small” in order to reach the bigger picture.

See a small underserved market? …..Go on and Tap That!!!


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