February Artist Spotlight – Bonita Canady

“Bonita Canady’s music expresses a genuine, melodic message in which Hip-Hop/Soul music lovers will easily find themselves relating to.”

– BRASH! A Music Marketing Blog


This “sweet” but “street” Brooklyn native is putting the heart and soul back into Hip-Hop; producing original songs that feature classic beats and thought- provoking lyrics. With a distinct sound, this seasoned artist is making a name for herself as the most versatile female Hip-Hop/soul artist that the industry has seen to date. She displays this on her first single, “Outta this World” featuring Mickey Factz, and will continue to prove she deserves a position in the music industry when she releases her first EP.
“Outta this World” Is a laid back smooth sound with melodic melodies that are sure to have you nodding and singing along. A love story with memories and guidelines that describe a love that’s out of this world. The combination of Mickey Factz verse and lyrics combined with Bonita’s vocals is a match made in the stars.

Check out her new music video “Outta This World” Feat. Mickey Factz


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