True Entertainer OR Master of Smoke and Mirrors

I have tuned into various award shows, concerts, and talk show performances displayed by artists. The performances that I love the most are when artists show their TRUE self whether it’s the dance skills amazing or just a microphone and a piano expressing their inner selves with. However, some artists take advantage of high technology, background dancers, and major effects using it to mask their lack of talent. As a devoted entertainment fan, it’s easy to tell the difference.

In this industry artists are charged with the task of entertaining. With that in mind, some feel that pulling out all stops to perform a good show along with creating a massive buzz for the media to cover is the way to go.

As an artist, you will need to find what works best for you. Some things that work for your colleagues/competitors may not come across as a successful performance for your fans. If you are a strong singer but mediocre dancer then guess what… don’t need major dance numbers to please your fans. If you are true to who you are then the fans will love you for being you. Not saying that you just need to stand behind a mic and sing for the entire time on the stage but save the time, money, and energy and focus on displaying your strength. Just make sure that you are expressing your emotions through your lyrics, body language, and tone. Show your pain, your happiness, your struggle. Don’t just “tell” your fans what you are going through within the tone, paint the picture. This helps fans to identify with you and they become more engaged in your performance.

If you are strong in both singing and dancing find a good balance to make sure that you are giving the people what they want. One of the worst things is that your fans walk away from your show saying: “Great show but I wished he/she would have danced more.” OR “I loved the performance but I love it was hoping that he/she would have given us more, vocally.” You don’t want your fans to feel cheated.

Giving your fans a good show should be the number one priority however, you don’t want to do too much to “wow” the crowd to where they are leaving feeling confused, annoyed, disgusted, and other disgruntled feelings. Too many effects can take away from your true artistry. Special effects elements are used, most of the time, by artists who lack real talent but they have a certain “look” that gets them through the industry. Don’t fall into that category. Show that YOU can do. A great way to learn how to balance your talent on stage or learn how to utilize your strengths for great performances is to go through strenuous artist development training.

How do you put on a good show?


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