April Artist Spotlight – Stixx

BRASH! April Artist Spotlight – Stixx

Stixx’s music delivers clear messages for all fans to enjoy. You can feel the passion in his work which makes the music more relatable than most songs heard on the radio today.

– BRASH! A Music Marketing Blog


“Stixx” is an up and coming artist from Brooklyn, NY with an objective of making a strong impact in the music world.  His selective style of music goes far beyond one’s typical category.  Stixx is an artist that refuses to be placed inside of a bracket. He makes a wide variety of music, an artist that believes that music is an art, striving to attack many genres from various angles.

With the introduction of his debut LP, “Road To Success”, Stixx is aspiring to let the world hear his life story, aiming towards his goal to never give up, regardless of the outcome.  For instance, his track entitled, “Can’t Be Stopped”, speaks of self dedication and motivation in the face of outward negativity from others, showing that it is always best to sway pessimistic views to the side.  His performance on stage has surpassed people’s expectations through his crowd control, confidence, and passionate songs.

Stixx has worked with several producers for the LP, such as Crown, Ricobeats, Fingaz, Trilogy, Will Swagger, Bean One, and NKAY Beats.  Featured artists included are Chronic, Clay Russell and Katt.

Growing up, Stixx has always had a profound respect for artist such as Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur, Big L, Eminem, Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne, Ryan Leslie, Kanye West and John Legend.   Their strong work ethic and various accomplishments has proven relevant enough to empower Stixx to aim towards parallel success in the least.  Therefore, if not as good, than above and beyond that of those whose actions have guided his potential.

In all, as an artist new to the scene, Stixx has shown that as long as you don’t give up and maintain a will to get to where you want to be in life, you will surely be on a “Road To Success”, the title of his first LP.  His notion of thinking outside of ordinary confines, in conjunction with collaborative producers and artists worked with, as well as those who have influenced him in life are all factors that have played a role in the overall successful production of his debut LP.

Check out his latest music video “New York Love” produced by @crownbeatz off of his LP “Road To Success”


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