“Im your #1 FAN…..What would you call me???”

Branding your fans


We’ve all heard of the “Beliebers”, “Barbies”, “Armies”, “Angels”, and “Navies”, if you haven’t, these names represent a musician’s fans/fan club. Have you ever thought about putting a fan club or group together? If not, then maybe you should start. Nothing will get your fans more riled up to come out and support than placing a “brand” on them as well. This will also help you to stand out and continue the awareness for yourself in this industry.

When looking to name the brand of your fans, find something that is creative and that coincides with your image and/or stage name. This will make it easier for media, potential fans, and industry professionals connect you with your fan club/group. Also, look for a logo that is similar to your own (if you have one) to place on merchandise, social media pages, and your website. Start creating the buzz about your group by reaching out to your fans first. Thank them for their support and congratulate them on being the first members of your fan group.

How would you get mainstream media, music lovers, and the industry to take notice of your fan club? Speak on it every chance you get. Plug them into every “Thank You” speech/correspondence. Highlight them individually via social media. In addition, merchandising can be a great way to bring awareness to your fan club/group. Always take advantage of the opportunity to have your fans spread the word for you by providing them with t-shirts, posters, collectibles, and various other trinkets so that others will soon take notice. Lastly, social media pages made just for your fans is another great way to expand the awareness of their brand as well as yours. Post information on how to join (if there are certain instructions/requirements), where to purchase merchandise, a viral message just for them, and of course, your new music or project announcements.

Give your fans a name that they’ll love and the media never forgets. Everyone wants to be a part of a “movement” of some sort, why not start your own?


2 thoughts on ““Im your #1 FAN…..What would you call me???”

  1. I think that the whole fan name thing only works for under 18s. I think teenagers do have a tendency to want to belong to some group, but it could relinquish credibility as the fans get older, and no longer want to held under a name-umbrella.

    I think the older you get, the less the name matters, and the more the actual movement and connecting on a emotional and mental level is what takes precedent. For example, Prince was very clever to make his first 4 or so albums about uniting all kinds of folk and breaking convention. Those with a similar mindset didn’t need a name. Or, if you look at Oasis, their rise seemed to be associated with a re-emergence of the local pub guy. Their rise, at least in the UK seemed to have a close correlation with football fandom. And they mirrored their fans attitudes, at least for a time.


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