Got me madder than a mutha…..

Finding the best place to rant

Almost every day we find blog posts and entertainment reports about twitter “beefs”, radio rants, and interview mishaps. As an artist, it’s great for you to open up to your fans and allow them to share in your successes as well as your downfalls (in some cases). However, in under sensitive circumstances you would need to keep your frustrations to yourself OR let it out through your music and in a tactful manner. As noted in a previous blog post “Bad Press…Take it or leave it” , there are negative ways to gain attention, but this negativity can follow you throughout your career in which you spend a lifetime trying to shake it.

Nobody’s perfect, mistakes will be made from time to time throughout your musical career, however why not take preventative actions when the world of negativity attacks you. These preventative actions can include:

  • Making sure your team is on top of releasing statements and/or strategies on how to handle situations where the media or other individuals chose to show you in a negative light. Have them to give you suggestions on possible responses when asked about your negative limelight in interviews.
  • The best way is to ignore things that are not true however if legal actions are involved allow your PR and legal team to handle your responses (that’s why they are on your payroll).
  • Take a hiatus from your social media pages if you are quick to respond negatively to certain allegations. If you have a better temperament lightly address the matter and move on.
  • Shift the focus of your fans back to your music and projects. Utilize the current spotlight on you to market your current and/or upcoming projects.
  • Write down how you feel and turn it into your next #1 hit! If time and/or funds permit, get into the studio to release your frustrations while turning your negative energy into positive energy.
  • Find activities that will take your mind off of what is being said about you or how you are feeling. Dive into your religion, family time, hobbies, or your music.

The worst thing you can do is feed into negative reports about your personal or professional actions that may or may not occur while you’re out of the spotlight. Going on radio rants and social media tantrums only highlight the fact that maybe the allegations are true OR make it hard for existing and potential fans to focus on your talents. You don’t want to make a bad lasting impression by losing your cool for one moment during an interview or your daily time on social media sites. Prepare yourself for these situations so that once they occur, you will be equipped with how you can handle them while moving forward in your musical endeavors verses spending time apologizing and releasing “damage control” statements.


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