June Artist Spotlight – Yahzilla

Yaya also known as Yahzilla is an emcee/producer from South Jersey, a suburb right outside Philadelphia.  Born in Detroit to Somali father Mohamoud + African American mother Haitaima, they migrated to New Jersey shortly after he was born.  Yaya and older brother Yasin who later becomes Violator Allstar Dj Supa, became interested in hip hop at an early age against the wishes of their strict upbringing.  Yah began freestyling at the age of 14 and would eventually begin writing at the age of 15 becoming completely obsessed with always writing throughout highshcool.  At the age of 17 he began entering rap battles, which is the place he decided that he was actually good at rap music because of the crowds reactions when he won a competition one night.  Not being the one to ask for favors and handouts from producers, Yah decided to save up for his own production equipment and begin making beats for himself.  Through failed attempts at college and search for success he never stopped making music, and through his struggle came the creation of his two albums “This is…for you” and “Yahzilla…the Movie”.  With a non mainstream approach to music and a carefree attitude toward what music is “supposed to sound like” Yah developed a style of music that he is comfortable with that you hear today.  Being influenced by Jdilla, Madlib, Common, and Mf Doom he aspires to make feel good music that reaches an audience that doesn’t have a voice in the mainstream similar to the ones he looks up to.

“Whatever comes to me is what the outcome is, i don’t think too hard and stress over creating music, i just do it” – YaYa/Yahzilla

Check out Yahzilla and Aquil-Yahzilla meets Metatron, produced by E.  Jones


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