Celebrating the small wins



All artists have that desire to be recognized for their music, and that recognition can come in many forms. The main forms of recognition generally fall under the categories of awards, high sales, popular media exposure, sold out tours, and other opportunities/offers within the entertainment industry. However, most artists do not receive these on a larger scale right away.  If you find yourself in the latter scenario, don’t hesitate to celebrate the small wins/recognitions. Since the world isn’t making a big deal about it….YOU should make a big deal about it. Get people involved and get them to care about what you’ve accomplished in your career thus far. Keep it in their faces (social media timelines).

Hey you worked hard to earn it….why not brag about it?!?! Shoot for small outlets, awards, and recognitions so that once you’ve built your credentials, your team can have something to pitch to major media. Also, professionals in this industry will take notice of your accolades which will help further your career and build onto your brand. You can also find potential consumers as they are patrons to all media types looking for the next big thing in music to follow.

There are a lot of small media outlets available to gain exposure to their audience while giving your audience a chance to see you beyond the twitter posts and YouTube videos. Shop your upcoming projects and/or media pitches to these outlets. They are looking for fresh content to get their readers engaged so take advantage of that. The more media outlets you gain, rather it is local, regional or national, the greater chance you will have to obtain the exposure you are looking for.

The Grammys, and the American Music Awards aren’t the only organizations showing musicians recognitions for their great works. Look to gain the attention of all music associations to get on their radar so that you too can be considered for their next award nomination, and/or honor.

Once you have these in hand, PROMOTE THEM! Don’t think just because the mainstream isn’t flocking to it in herds or getting over 1 million hits online, that people won’t pay attention to them. You would be surprised at how well you promoting your accomplishments and publication features can enhance you. This can in turn increase your sales especially when you aim for media that cater to your target audience. Any award nominations or recognitions you receive use them within your media pitches as well.

Here are some says you can promote your “small” wins:

  • Provide links to your magazine, online blog features constantly on your social media time lines and official website.
  • Create a “Press Page” for your website (if you have one) and fill them with your features.
  • Build up the hype to your upcoming feature, award, and/or recognition. Make sure your team is doing the same.
  • Encourage your fans to patronize these media outlets after your feature in hopes to continue a long term working relationship with them.
  • Continue to support and promote various events sponsored/hosted by the organizations that took notice of your hard work and recognized you for it.

Any accomplishment that you receive throughout your career should not be taken lightly. Be proud of them and let everyone know just how well you are doing. Now go BRAG ABOUT IT!!!!

This post is also featured in Niji Magazine!!!: http://nijimagazine.com/?p=20407


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