PRESS RELEASE: BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog Hits The Magazine Scene

Music Marketing Blog gains feature exposure in online entertainment magazine

November 13, 2012 – (ATLANTA, GA) BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog, developed by Paina B Music Marketing, can now be found in Niji Magazine. This blog was presented earlier this year with an amazing opportunity to have some of its blogs posted on Niji Magazine’s site. This opportunity is allowing BRASH! blog to gain a new following along with carrying out the mission of supplying helpful tips to aspiring and established talent in the music industry.

BRASH!’s goal with this new opportunity is to help drive traffic to the blog site as well as Niji Magazine with these features. To do this, editor E. Alexcina Brown is currently doing heavy marketing of the current blogs featured on the site via social media. The blog site is also looking into other avenues to reach its audience to ensure that they are aware of BRASH! features on Niji Magazine. “I’m hoping that the blog features will be and continue to be a great addition to the magazine as well as show our readers that this site is a definite credible source of music marketing advice” says E. Alexcina Brown.

Click here to view the current blogs featured on Niji Magazine:

About Niji Magazine

Niji is an online magazine that showcases the best emerging talent from the areas of fashion, art and music. This magazine also provides opportunities to writers, bloggers, presenters, photographers and aspiring film makers to contribute to its success.

Official Website:

Email Contact

About BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog

BRASH! – Music Marketing Blog (developed by Paina B Music Marketing) is an advisory blog site designed to provide tools and resources for music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the music industry. BRASH! provides its readers with a different point of view on specific topics along with sharing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors.

To receive new updates on the BRASH! blog site via email sign up at

About Paina B Music Marketing

Paina B Music Marketing (formerly Paina B Entertainment Marketing) is based out of Atlanta, GA which works to develop marketing strategies for its talent within the music industry.  Founded in 2009, Paina B now serves as a marketing provider for its clientele to have their works promoted to gain exposure of existing/potential fans, labels, and media.

Media Contact 
E. Alexcina Brown


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