Getting returns on your music career investments


You’ve established yourself, you have a great following but you’re starting to have trouble with seeing revenue/income from the work you have put out. Why is this so? It is true that every artist must pay his/her dues in order to be successful in this industry however; you must be able to be in a position  where you are getting a return on your investments (time, money, artistry etc.). So what do you have in your business/marketing plan or strategy to start making money from your music? If there is no business/marketing plan then this is where you need to start first. If you do have a plan, pull it out, dust it off and see where you can use some fine tuning or put that plan into action.

Selling your music online

This option is making it easier for artists to distribute their music without the hassle of standing on a corner with CDs greeting strangers in hopes they’ll first listen let alone buy or donate to your musical project(s). Various sites are set up where you will be able to upload and sell your music to existing and potential fans.

These consumers will NOT be aware of your music being for sale if you don’t what…MARKET IT!!! Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, and spread the word as to where they can find your music for purchase. Make sure ALL links are directed properly to prevent any drop offs. Eliminate all kinks that will hinder the sale.

Booking Shows

Usually this is done through promoters and/or agents. If you have hard working individuals in these areas on your team, push them to get you more paid bookings. After you have done various non-paid gigs and received great feedback, put a price on it. You’ve worked hard for it so don’t be shy in letting these event coordinators know your value in getting you to perform at their events. If you’re worth it (and Im sure you are), they’ll pay the price for your booking.

Now, after you are booked for an event/show….MARKET IT!!! Get your fans on board in letting them know where you will be. Provide them with a schedule of your appearances and events within a reasonable amount of time, if possible, so that they can make arrangements to attend in hopefully bring friends to support you.


This can be a bit costly for you if you do not have the up-front money for production but you should definitely look into getting merchandise for your fans to wear and use. Something simple as a key chain, tablet, t-shirt, or even a signature special trinket can help boosts your income as well as boost your marketing efforts. If done properly, you can receive a great return on this investment.

These are just a few ways to get you started in thinking of how you can receive a return on your investments for your music projects and career. Taking on non-paid gigs and appearances aren’t bad but make sure that these events are putting you in a position to obtain paid gigs in the future.

Now let’s get the money!!!


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