#Hashtag your way to success!!!


As I scroll through my Twitter and Instagram timelines I tend to see a lot of “#”(hash tags) with keywords that are relevant to the content posted. When Twitter and Instagram was a new thing, I often wondered the point/purpose of adding extra words with a pound key. However, this is a VERY clever marketing scheme to get people to pay attention to your posts along with gaining “likes”, retweets, and followers. Hash-tagging is a new and innovative way to alert readers of the categories that your content falls into. If you post a picture of you performing on Instagram you should utilize the words #performance #concert #music #entertainmentindustry #hitsong #liveperformance. What this will do is allow your post to come up in the keyword searches for other Instagrammers to view, comment, like, and eventually follow you in hopes to gain more information about you. The same can go with Twitter as well as long as you stay within your character limit or use apps such a “TwitLonger” to help you when you go over characters.

Another way to aid in making your content relevant is by participating in the trending topics on Twitter. Take a gander at the lower left panel to see what how topics are trending in your city and Twitter as a whole. In most cases, the topics are general or reflect a popular event, and/or subject matter of the day. On general topics use creative ways to connect them to your music projects, links, and or subject matter about what you have done. In addition, take the time to weigh in on popular topics about worldly and local news that are currently trending. Release statements about how you feel regarding what is going on around you. And…..dont forget to hash tag “#”! Also, you have the opportunity to lookup what is trending in other cities that you want to expand your market to as well.

In order to get your content seen by various users you have to stay creative to beat your competition along with grabbing the attention of your target audience. Hash-tagging is one of the best ways to ensure you have the right keywords in place so that users can search for the content types that strikes their interests and read/view. However, you MUST make sure that the words you are tagging are relevant to your skillset and current content. You don’t want to post about your music and use #Photography as a hash tag. This defeats the purpose along with attracting the wrong users to your content. So post away and never forget to #Hashtag!!!


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