Check Ya Email!!!….Email Marketing Strategies that is



As technology becomes more advanced, the entertainment industry will need to rely more on the World, Wide, Web to get and maintain their audience. Although traditional methods are still working, it is  best to adopt other means of reaching out to your market to ensure that your music/projects are constantly on their mind. One way that you can stay connected to your fans and the media via  Internet is through email marketing. Many artists, PR reps, and entertainment labels have already jumped on this medium in reaching out to their audience through email marketing campaigns to keep them up to date, solicit, and provide extras as an incentive of remaining on the email listing. If you have not started this yet, you may want to take note on how you can continue building your audience through email marketing.

Companies such as Constant Contact, Campaigner, and BenchMark are providing services for email marketing campaigns for businesses as well as entertainment industry professionals to utilize as a marketing strategy. Many of these sites offers free trials for you to “sample” to help you to get familiar with their service as well as determine if the content you provide will benefit your brand.

First and foremost, it’s important that you build email list(s). Your lists can include fans, potential fans, media outlets, and other industry professionals. Usually your publicist and/or management can aid in getting you contacts for media and industry professionals.  If not, then Google is a great way to start in obtaining emails or at least a website for media outlets to keep them informed of your upcoming projects. Another way is to collect business cards at networking events and various entertainment industry functions. As for fans, reach out to them through your social media sites and encourage them to sign up for your email list. Offer a free download, autographed materials, or some other incentive for the first 10-20 people to sign up (If your budget allows it). Make sure that you gain their trust to ensure that you will not send them a load of spam.

Once you have your software company and email list, you will need to decide on the type of content and frequency for emails. This will take some trial and error; luckily this is where your “free trial” can come in handy. Most email marketing companies allow you to view email stats. This feature shows the emails that were returned or undeliverable, who opt out of the email list and why, how many people opened the email, and how many people clicked through the links within the email. These stats can help you to decide what messaging works for you as well.  Use the information provided to you to develop an effective email marketing campaign.

If you are unable to do these things on your own, you can hire interns who are young, eager, and internet savvy to help develop and execute these activities. It’s a win/win. They gain the experience while you gain exposure to your projects as well as fan participation with your brand.

Lastly, another way to help you get started, look at the emails that you’ve received from other artists, companies, and PR firms. Review the messaging used and the imagery. Determine what attracted you to that particular email and what made you want to know more information about the content provided.


One thought on “Check Ya Email!!!….Email Marketing Strategies that is

  1. Hey Brash!

    Yeah! Great advice. Email marketing is definitely effective. From being on the receiving end, folks like Ryan Deiss, Derek Halpern and Corbett Barr have been able to keep me up to date with their blogs.

    More locally, Groupon are throwing great deals at me, but sometimes it’s deal over-load, and they really need to slow down their deals. Now I don’t pay much attention to them. Everyone once in a while, I might look.

    Another local one is The Curzon cinema, of which I rarely attend, but they are the creme of cinema-experiences, and they’re always on top of great art house flicks.

    So email marketing does work as long as the information is useful. I get tonnes of emails that I automatically just skip over, because either I don’t see the benefit directly in the email’s subject or body headline. I think bands struggle because unlike blogs which are usually about advice and information, bands have to be more like newspapers, or film. They have to share something that’s new and interesting, and yet doesn’t always promote something that people can only view or see, or indulge in by just buying.

    I have yet to see a band use email marketing without coming across as either salesmen, or time-wasters. One band that have used email only a handful of times is fDeluxe, and they make announcements and thank their fans which is cool, but beyond that, I don’t really hear from them. They more use facebook. I think facebook makes it easier to share things, that isn’t technically news, like photos and what not. Wiz Khalifa is genius at that. He shares album covers, magazine shoot photos, random instagram pics. But with email, you expect something more official.

    I think a great way for bands to learn about email marketing is to sign up to other bands and businesses’ emails, and really get to know what they like and don’t like about the way they’re contacted. Then they’ll know how it feels when they send a certain type of email.

    I should do the same. My frequency is non-existent. :/ lol

    Great article!!!!


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