February Artist Spotlight – Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark’s talent is just what the Gospel Music Industry needs to spread the goodness of GOD. 

– E. Alexcina Brown – BRASH! Editor

Single Cover (WUL2L)


Originally from Newport News, VA, Brandon is the youngest of three children. He was raised in a small community by two devoted parents. It was during his adolescent years that he developed an interest in writing and singing. While in college, he channeled those interests into audio engineering, where he learned the ins and outs of creating music from conception to realization.

In late 2003, disheartened by the state of modern music, he set out to establish an organization that would challenge the main stream to reconsider the message they instilled in a society that they themselves belong to  – essentially “breathing life” into what he considers a dying generation. Today, his company Breathe Life Productions provides a platform for artists who aim to preserve sincerity & truth within the songs they deliver. He has spent the past several years honing his craft and developing a library of songs he hopes will one day become a soundtrack for the Body of Christ. “I consider the music that I produce to be progressive, in that it takes you from point A to point B. My goal is to capture the simplicity of the scriptures and convey the message in a way that even a child can understand – all while not compromising substance and most importantly, publishing the name of the Lord.”

Brandon currently resides in Atlanta, GA. He is a proud member of The Way of God Church of the Lord Jesus as well as a devoted husband and father.

Breathe Life Productions


Check out a video of Brandon performing here!!


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