Good Advice: LOVE what you do

Love your career or let it go


Many mainstream artists are asked this one question when interviewed: What advice would you give aspiring artists? Their usual rebuttal is “Love what you do.” In my younger years, I didn’t grasp the meaning behind that statement nor thought that it was good advice. However, through the years of my own experiences, education, and working with entertainment professionals, this statement is a valuable piece of advice. If an artist doesn’t love what he/she does, then when the rough times, obstacles, set back etc. etc. comes around, the music career is pushed aside for the next big thing. In the meantime, they’ve wasted time and money for themselves as well as others who believed the talent and felt that it were worth the investment.

A music career sounds glamorous to a lot of people (even to me). But would I really LOVE it?? That’s a question you should ask yourself before inquiring about how to book studio sessions, who to talk to about song features to get “put on”, and where to  find record label execs to audition for. At a certain point in most artists’ musical journeys they’ve figured out that either they are going to stick it out or move on. Don’t allow that point to be when you’re about to hit the stage, drop an album, or receive funds from an investor.

So how can you figure out if a music career is something that you’ll love?

  • Are you willing to sacrifice for it?
    • Time, money, and comfortable situations
  • Do you really have the talent for this career?
  • Talk to people who are in the industry and get them to reveal the good, bad, and the ugly. Are you still interested?

As with any career, you have to be honest with yourself and determine if this is worth the fight. If so, keep it up don’t quit. If not, it’s okay just find solace in the fact that  you at least tried something new and you figured out that it wasn’t for you. So now when I hear a major artist saying “Love what you do” as a piece of advice, I perfectly understand where they are coming from. It’s a tough industry out here but once you’ve conquered it, the struggle would be worth it. Start loving your career!!!


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