PRESS RELEASE – Artists, BRASH! Is Coming To You!!!

Music Marketing Blog sets out to find emerging and existing talent for artist spotlight features

(March 5, 2013 – ATLANTA, GA) BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog has celebrated major successes and achievements since its inception in August of 2011. The Artist Spotlight segment within the blog site created another platform for artists to be featured and gain exposure for their music as well as their brand. The normal selection process for BRASH! Artist Spotlight hopefuls is to submit their music links, bio, etc to the designated email for this segment. However Founder/editor feels otherwise.

“The original submission and selection process was good for the Artist Spotlight’s first go round, however I feel that BRASH! should go out and find these artists to feature as well.” With that message in mind, BRASH! will now reach out to artist in hopes to gain more features for its monthly Artist Spotlight segments. BRASH! would also like to utilize these artists for future expansions for the blog site as well.

BRASH! comes across various talents via Twitter.  To stay in the BRASH! radar, artists should make sure that they are following the blog (@BrashBlog) to increase their chances of catching BRASH!’s eye. Don’t worry BRASH! is not getting rid of it’s old fashion way of receiving talent submissions. You can find out how to submit here:

About BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog

BRASH! is a blog site designed to provide tools and resources for music marketing as well as various trends and hot topics within the music industry. BRASH! provides its readers with a different point of view on specific topics along with sharing ideas for different avenues available to take in music career endeavors.

Media Contact                  

E. Alexcina Brown


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