Turning an event appearance into an opportunity

How networking and entertainment events can get a great platform to gain important contacts.


Someone in the fashion and entertainment business is ALWAYS throwing an event, celebration, or launching a new product/project. These “outings” can be a great way to expand and gain your contacts within the industry. There are many ways that you can turn a simple event appearance into an opportunity for you to gain that necessary contact to propel your career forward. You never knew who you’ll meet so be ready and network, Network, NETWORK!

Utilize your time at these events wisely. Although free food and drinks are great perks, don’t be that guy/girl who indulges too much in the goodies. There are major opportunities, movers and shakers in the room. Find out who’s who to see which professionals you would like to network with. However, be courteous and outgoing with all attendees because you never know how their connections can be your connections one day.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people and let them know what you do. Some may not respond the way you want them to however make it a priority duty to leave a lasting impression on them. Promote your work and exchange contacts or at least social media information. Don’t leave the conversations without gaining some type of contact information to stay in touch.

Along with getting contacts, take advantage of the photos ops available for you to take part of. Meet the photographers and be ready to pose for their cameras. Some media professionals will be at these events as well so it’s best to introduce yourself to these individuals as well to be considered for current upcoming feature opportunities. Red carpet photos are great for your own media files as well, such as your website and social media profiles. If you have a PR rep, get them to pitch these as a possible media story for blogs, online and print magazines.

Networking events can be intimidating and redundant but they are great ways to get you out there to meet some wonderful people in the entertainment industry.  There is only so much you can do behind a computer.


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