The Follow Up

Working your networks and connections


You leave an event, video shoot, beauty salon or barber shop with a business card or new contact information from someone in the entertainment industry. So what do you do with it? Although this question may seem very elementary, you’d be surprised at how many people allow this information to sit and collect dust while they wonder why the “right” opportunities aren’t being presented by the “right” people. Sometimes, an email, or text message is all it takes to open new doors to greater things.

When a wonderful conversation ends with an industry contact swap, you need to make it your responsibility to follow up with that person to either thank them, say hello, or give an “it was nice to meet you”. This shows the other party that you are serious in anything you do. By giving a simple follow up communication, you have placed yourself a step ahead of hundreds of others who are too lazy or afraid to do this one thing. It’s best to find ways to stay under these people’s radar in case an opportunity comes across their desk.

People in the corporate world do it all the time. After that dream job interview, a follow up email guarantees that they are on the interviewers mind after they’ve seen many applicants. These emails have led to jobs in desired fields so why not use this technique in the entertainment industry?

It doesn’t hurt to reach out to someone to stay connected. Even throughout time you can continue a dialogue to see if they have any current projects going on that you may be able to work with or you can promote your own projects and performances to them.  Start an email list to reach out to various industry professionals in different areas to promote and stay in contact with them.  You’ll never know what a follow up can lead to.


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