Picture Perfect!!

How to make to most out of your time spent on Instagram



The Instagram app has taken the world by storm and changed the way we interact with our camera phones during daily activities and social outings. If you are not familiar with Instagram, it is a photo sharing social networking app which allows users to upload photos to appear on their followers’ timelines. Followers have the capabilities to “like” and/or comment on the photos that are posted by the users they follow as well as the photos that are publicly shared. In the world of music marketing, Instagram is a great way to share your daily activities to keep your fan engaged in what you are doing on and off the stage.

Various artists have taken full advantage of this app to post concert pics, quotes, studio sessions, behind the scenes, and even photos during their leisure time. This is a great idea to get fans involved in your brand. Your fans (as well as your haters) are always wondering what you are up to. Why not give them an inside exclusive look into your world through your eyes with Instagram.

What do I post?

As mentioned above you can utilize Instagram to show the makings of your brand by giving behind the scenes views of your rehearsals, sound checks, studio sessions, and photo shoots. Use captions that briefly explain what is going on and be sure to Hashtag keywords so that your photos can be pulled up in the Instagram search engine which can help you gain more followers, views, and “likes”.

If you have someone running your social media for you, make sure they capture as many behind the scenes and on the scene photos of you to post to keep your fans abreast of what you have going on.

Also, Instagram is a useful marketing tool for your upcoming projects, contests, and even your old material that you would like your followers to see.  Post screen shots of your upcoming posters for appearances, album/single artwork, publications and photo ops that you’ve done at events and performances.  You can also post captions that get your followers talking and giving their opinions on what you’ve posted. Take some time to interact with them as well by reposting pics of your fans showing support.

Contest promotions and be for your Instagram followers only to help you to gain more followers. Have them to post their pic with a creative way of showing support for your current or upcoming project. You can also have them to hash tag a unique keyword for you to find their contest submission for consideration.

New social media tools are developing all the time. It is best to not only sign up with these mediums but to use them effectively to marketing yourself.

**For more information on hash tagging in social media, check out this previous post “HashTag your way to success”. **

This post was also featured last month as a guest post on Aurovine Blog.


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