May 2013 Artist Spotlight – Elle Gie

“Elle Gie’s music gives life to her lyrics. Her music has the capabilities to combine lovers of multiple music genres.”

– E. Alexcina Brown, Founder/Editor in Chief, BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog


Elle Gie (pronounced LG)
Who is she?
Yesterday there were few who knew…
Today the masses are asking…
Tomorrow their questions will be answered.

A true fan of her art form, beginning at age 12, she embraced her dreams and set out to fulfill them. She very quickly developed a unique perspective encompassing all aspects of becoming a performer and recording artist. A love for different kinds of music motivated her to express her own thoughts and emotions through her unique style.

Elle Gie’s music style is open and unreserved. With a blend of fresh clean vocals and a consortium of sounds, she creatively attracts a broad range of listeners. Her stunning, statuesque physique perfectly compliments her exotic features. Elle Gie’s cool, confident demeanor and soft spoken, fun loving personality is excitedly welcomed… as fans, and soon to be fans, interact and connect with her.

Elle Gie is inspired to give back to her fans in appreciation of all the support they’ve shown her. With the same dedication and sacrifice needed to bring any dream to the brink of reality, Elle Gie has made it her priority to support struggling youth both here and abroad. “I embrace change, and look to make any situation I can a little better.”

Having opened for high–profile acts such as rappers Young Jeezy and Paul Wall; R&B artists Ray J and Trey Songz; award-nominated actress, Vivica Fox, and comedian, Rickey Smiley, Elle Gie is R E A D Y to rock!

Check out her music below: “The Way You Are”
Instagram: elle_gie


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