Dont have a Cruel Summer

Although I LOVE this 80s hit by Bananarama (90s babies PLEASE YouTube it), this time of the year can turn into a cruel summer if your time isn’t spent wisely setting up your music marketing timelines. The summer opens up many opportunities for music releases, appearances, performances, etc.  Make sure you take advantage of all possible opportunities to start face to face marketing your brand. Digital marketing is important as well however, there is only so much you can do behind a device.

Events are popping up around every corner and vacation season has begun. Get with your booking managers to ensure that you are hitting up these vacation spots and marketing yourself to tourists who can take your music/brand back to their home towns to help in your exposure and expansion. Spread yourself around this summer and don’t be shy to through on your networking hat to get yourself out there. This can set you up for more bookings, appearances, music sales, fan base expansion, and even more opportunities you wouldn’t even think of. Start your research to see where you can travel and what’s going on in your local city/state to start. Find out who attend these places to ensure you’re hitting your target audience.

Night Life. Network with nightclub promoters, owners, and DJs to make sure you are hitting the HOTTEST spots in town. Tweet/FaceBook/Instagram that you’ll be at these locations and even give these places a special shout out to put you on their radar.

Festivals. Night clubs aren’t the only places to patronize. Festivals are also great ways to show support to local communities while reach your target audience. Try to get on their roster as a performer, speaker, or just to show your face for press purposes. You can also network with the festival organizers to see how you can play an even bigger role in their next event.

Charity Function.  Get involved in the non-profit scene. You’d be surprised at the people you meet while supporting good causes. Use your current fan base and influence to help raise awareness while taking your brand to the next level.

Summer time can mean relaxation, fun in the sun, school being out, and non-stop good times. However, take this opportunity to get out and marketing yourself in creative ways while enjoying your summer.  Do not have any regrets when the fall season rolls around and you’re missed out on these opportunities.


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