PRESS RELEASE: Are You A Bold Visionary In The Fashion, Music And Entertainment Industry?

Paina B Music Marketing re-launches as Fearless Vision Marketing for Fashion, Music, and Entertainment businesses and professionals.

(ATLANTA, GA – June 13, 2013) – Paina B Music Marketing temporarily closed up shop earlier this year to re-brand and has now re-launched as Fearless Vision Marketing. This company which once only served the music industry by providing marketing services is now opening up its servicing to fashion, music, and entertainment businesses and professionals. Fearless Vision’s tag line, “Fashion and Entertainment Marketing for Bold Visionaries” wants to capture the entrepreneurial spirits that have emerged over the past five years.

“The recession has taught us that it’s best to go out and create opportunities instead of waiting for one to come to you. However, most new businesses lack the proper marketing schemes, creativity, and know-how to keep them competitive.  That’s where we come in.” says Founder and CEO E. Alexcina Brown.

Music Marketing was this company’s first love and is still the driving force behind its client BRASH! – A Music Marketing Blog. Nevertheless, as most businesses learn, it is best to expand and expose the company to new sectors within their desired industry. This idea  aided in the re-branding process. The company wanted to re-create itself to identify with the type of clientele it is looking to target.  Fearless Vision Marketing is here to provide services for the businesses that enjoy taking risks, are not afraid to step out of the norm to do what’s best for its company, and ready to move to the next level.

The company launched with a new look but with the same quality and creative services as before. Fearless Vision Marketing will also be on the lookout this summer for interns to give experience to the bold visionaries who will need a leg up on marketing experience in the fashion, music, and entertainment industry.

About Fearless Vision Marketing

Fearless Vision Marketing provides marketing services for companies and individuals within the entertainment industry. This company works to develop marketing campaigns and strategies to help promote them to their desires level within the respected fields in this industry. Fearless Vision Marketing designs its marketing plans to help its clients stay innovative and competitive.

Formerly Paina B Music Marketing, CEO/Founder E. Alexcina Brown decided that there was a grand opportunity to provide individuals within the entertainment and fashion fields as well as music. She was determined to expand her own target audience for company growth as well as provide quality marketing services for individuals within these sectors.

For more information on Fearless Vision Marketing email


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