Where is your brand taking you?

Assess where your current brand strategy is working/not working for you


Throughout any career journey, you must evaluate  your current state and where you want to go. In the entertainment sector you want to look at the state of your brand, the route it is taking you and whether or not it aligns with your goals. You can ask yourself: Is my brand setting me up to achieve my future goals? Is my brand hindering me? What is my overall brand message? What do I need to change?  There are many more questions you could ask to determine the state of your brand. However, the first step is to determining what your brand saying about you and where it could possibly lead you.

Upon the start of your music career there should have been a clear definition of the type of artist you wanted to be as well as the type of music and image you wanted to portray. This should have been a written plan or compiled within the media kit. Go back and review these documents, along with what media outlets and fans are saying about you. Does this match with what you initially wanted your brand to be? Will this current branding take you to your desired level? 

In addition, document where you want to go within the next one to three years. If you want your brand to stay the same, find ways to improve in order to keep you within the radar of major media outlets and consumers. If you feel that there is in fact, a change needed, determine where you can begin to transition your brand in a way where you’re not doing a change overnight. An immediate change can result in your fans not connecting with you as they once did and eventually moving on.

This evaluation activity should be conducted with your management, marketing, and PR team. They can give you a lot of insight on how you can make these brand transitions and ways to expand your brand to reach higher levels in your music career.

Here are some areas to look at:

  • Image: Wardrobe Styling, Hair, Makeup, etc.
  • Music Content: What message are you giving thru your music?
  • Artist Interview Content: How are you representing yourself during media interviews?
  • Social Media: Displaying your music and personal life/dealings through social media. How much personal versus professional are you displaying and does that need to change?
  • Media Targets: Which media outlets represent you the best? Which media outlets do you want to target to feature you?
  • Endorsements/Promotional Work: What type of companies are you looking to be endorsed by? What type companies are currently endorsing you?

These areas can be a good start in evaluating  your brand and determining how you can improve or transition to set you up to be in a better place for your future endeavors. Self assessments as well as your team assessment combined can aid in developing strategies to ensure that you are being setup for success instead of failure. Create a timeline as to when would be great times throughout your marketing activities to conduct these assessments. The best times could be when there is downtime in your scheduling or right after a major release/campaign and you want to see the areas of improvement as well as what worked for you.

Branding is highly important in the entertainment industry; it can define you and allow others to decide whether they were to patronize you or not. Make sure your brand is moving your forward versus staying stagnant or worse, holding you back.


3 thoughts on “Where is your brand taking you?

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  2. I love this, finally some good direct response marketing tips for musicians. I actually used to create surveys and send them out to my mailing list, asking my fans what they wanted. In return for filling out the survey, I gave away a little free giveaway eBook on music marketing. It really worked well and I got around 100 responses very fast. I would encourage every musician to do this every once in a while, and then precisely adapt to the needs of your fans.


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