Fearless Vision Marketing Releases New FEARLESS Website

Entertainment, Music, and Fashion Marketing Company releases the official website to provide its message to potential and existing clients.

(ATLANTA, GA – July 23, 2013) Fearless Vision Marketing (formerly Paina B Music Marketing) is excited to announce the release of its new official website. This marketing company was re-launched back in June 2013, offering marketing services to businesses and visionaries in the Entertainment, Music, and Fashion industries. With eye-catching and bold color schemes and content, this website will introduce potential and current clients to the Fearless Vision brand while providing information on the services offered for Entertainment Marketing, Music Marketing, and Fashion Marketing.

Visitors of the site will have the opportunity to learn more about Fearless Vision Marketing by viewing the message behind the new company name, logo, and mission. The official website feature’s its new “FEARLESS” logo to display the importance of the company’s clients to have the best marketing efforts towards their vision. The purpose of the site will be to add on to the web presence of this marketing company. Since its re-launch, the company has been utilizing digital marketing strategies through its social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Fearless Vision Marketing has also added in a “press” section for visitors to view what this company is doing for itself as well as its clients.  In addition, visitors will get a chance to view past and present clients and read about how they fit into the bold visionary category that this marketing company goes after when looking for clients.  “I’m very proud of the outcome of the new site.” Says Founder/CEO E. Alexcina Brown, “It has taken a while to find the right scheme, logo, content, and message for the site but this will be a great introduction of the overall company’s message to the target audience.”

You can visit the site at: www.fearlessvisionmarketing.weebly.com.

About Fearless Vision Marketing

Fearless Vision Marketing provides marketing services for companies and individuals within the entertainment, music, and fashion industry. This company works to develop marketing campaigns and strategies to help promote them to their desires level within the respected fields in this industry. Fearless Vision Marketing designs its marketing plans to help its clients stay innovative and competitive.

Formerly Paina B Music Marketing, CEO/Founder E. Alexcina Brown decided that there was a grand opportunity to provide individuals within the entertainment and fashion fields as well as music. She was determined to expand her own target audience for company growth as well as provide quality marketing services for individuals within these sectors.

For more information on Fearless Vision Marketing email FearlessVisionMarketing@live.com.


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