I’m gonna make you love me

When your audience doesn’t know they are in your target…

Do you ever find yourself pouring so much of your creativity and talent into your work just to find that your target audience is not latching on to it?  Are you getting tired of a few likes/followers here and there on your social media accounts but no major comments and/or shares? When you release music that you feel is really going to connect with your audience, it is ignored? What do you do when your target audience doesn’t quite love you yet? MAKE THEM!

Sometimes when you launch your new release, music career, or project you don’t receive the immediate positive responses as projected. This isn’t the moment to throw in the towel and move on to the next thing. Stick with it and get that return on your time, money, and creativity investments into your musical project. Many times I’ve seen artists have GREAT albums, mix tapes, and singles only to fall by the wayside because audiences and press didn’t keep it in heavy rotation. The main reason could be lack of promotion and financial backing. This is understandable when in a major label situation however as an indie artist, you should be able to control how much effort is put into something that you truly believe in.

Lack of funding shouldn’t hinder you from keeping your project in motion. There are ways to capitalize off of your current marketing campaign without shelling out more money to maintain your current campaign. (For more tips read BRASH! Blog “The Freeway to Exposure”.)

In some cases, audiences are not easily persuaded by your new music releases. It doesn’t mean that the music isn’t of good quality; you will need to get it out there more to reach your audience and more potential fans. There are various number one hits that didn’t grasp the attention to fans on the first play. After music video releases, performances, placements, and major radio play, those perceptions soon changed. In these situations you must find ways to make them love you.

Continue to promote. This can be done through social media, street teams, calling radio stations requesting air play, and networking with new venues/booking agents for new performance opportunities. These activities will  allow you to constantly put your work out there to grab the attention of your audience as well as gain press for your project.

Get creative with your campaigns.  There’s nothing wrong with tweaking your current campaign when you see that you’re not getting the results you expected right away. See what other ways to make it work for you. New marketing content, the times of day you promote on social media, and fan interactive strategies are ways to be innovative in boosting hits for your current release.

These two ways can get you started with revamping and recharging in continuing your journey on your new music project/release. Take the time to review what isn’t working or take the time to put forth more effort to make them love you!


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