August BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Lucchi

lucchi photo 3

Jeffrey Lige, who goes by the rap name Lucchi, was born in Canton, Ohio but moved to Athens Alabama at the age of 10 years old. He has been rapping since he was as young as 8 years old but became more serious about his music in 2006. He is now 24 years old and has worked on numerous projects with a group he was a member of called “Da Block”. He has performed in numerous clubs in the Huntsville, Athens, Madison area but has also been at many record pools in Birmingham, Alabama and is continuing to market himself and create much excitement for these projects. Lucchi says his surroundings and things he goes through on the day to day is what inspires his music. His style is very unique in that he puts no limits on what he will do pertaining to genres and even concepts. He wants to make his mark in the industry by being unique and always cutting edge. He quotes, “I don’t want to be content with my sound, im always trying to do something different and try new things along with the music that just comes natural to me”. Lucchis’ consistent delivery has blessed him to have been played on the local radio station 103.1 WEUP for 5 different songs. His solo debut mixtape, In My Own World, dropped in July 2010 and was a success with 5000+ downloads. Lucchi is now building off that success with his latest mixtape “Feed Me Rappers,Feed me Beats” which dropped on Halloween 2011 and is grabbing attention from places other than Alabama. On the popular music site, he has been in the top 10 twice and the Top 40 numerous times for unreleased songs he used for the website competitions. Lucchi feels like his time is soon to come and quotes, “All it takes is the right gameplan, a little luck, and lots of prayer and patience to get to the high expectations he sets for himself. He assures himself that everyone will know the name LUCCHI before its all said and done. Currently, Lucchi resides in Norcross,GA and is finishing up FMR FMB 2. Its slated to drop this summer. Another mixtape and an EP is in the works as well.

Check  out his video “Remember Me” Directed by DS Productions


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