Sept 2013 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Stephanie Nicole

BRASH! has changed the format for the BRASH! Artist Spotlight segment. Now BRASH! will provide readers with an exclusive interview segment from the artist for their monthly feature. Check out this month’s Artist Spotlight -Stephanie Nicole’s Q&A below.

September BRASH! Artist Spotlight Stephanie Nicole


Stephanie Nicole is a versatile songstress who stays true to her craft. Her story is a great inspiration to aspiring singers in the music industry. BRASH! was able to catch up with Stephanie for an exclusive interview for this month’s Artist Spotlight segment.

BRASH!: How would you describe your sound?

Stephanie: A little bit of everything I have heard my entire life. Rock, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, R&B, and many more.

BRASH!: What is your inspiration for writing new songs?

Stephanie: Nature, life experiences, inspiring people, and world events.

BRASH!: How did you get your start in the music industry?

Stephanie: I was involved with choir and musical theater throughout my life, but gave up music during college. I was approached by a reggae/rock band to sing back up vocals in the DC Metro Area. Almost two years later I decided to take them up on the offer and started singing with them. Over the course of the next 8 years I sang back up in 4 or 5 different bands, and recorded on various projects. In 2010, I decided I wanted to write my own music and share my own songs. I began looking for different musicians and producers that could help create and record my music. It was hard to find people who were as stoked as me about my music. Then I was approached by a composer named Classroom Craig and he was really interested in helping out and I really liked his music. So we met to record in Aruba and we just clicked. We were on the same page with everything musically. After that meeting we started talking and sharing more music, and I decided that I wanted to record the rest of my initial EP with him. 

BRASH!: When you’re not singing, how do you occupy your time?

Stephanie: I love being out in nature, whether it’s hiking or just enjoying the beauty. I listen to a lot of music and go to as many live shows as I can. I love playing the piano and my shakuhachi flute. And I love cooking and enjoying food.

BRASH!: What is your ultimate goal in your music career?

Stephanie:  To inspire and to be inspired while traveling the world. I hope to make music that still resonates with people many years from now. That would be really amazing to me.

BRASH!: Who do you look up to in the music industry and why?

Stephanie:  Nina Simone. She was an activist and a singer/songwriter like myself. I love how real she was and the truth in her lyrics. She struggled to make a living at times through music, but her music lives on..

 Esperanza Spalding. She is bringing a new light to Jazz music.She inspires me to continue learning about music, and I love her natural hair :). I saw her on my birthday at USC two years ago. . I was amazed by the fact that majority of the musicians(drummer, strings and backup singer) on tour with her were women, which you don’t see much of these days. I love how she knew music was something she needed to be doing, and kept at it to win a Grammy.

BRASH!: Any advice for an aspiring singer?

Stephanie: Don’t give up and keep working hard even if it feels like everything is against you! I was trying to become a solo artist for three years, and unfortunately saw the ugly side of the industry with people having ulterior motives. After many tears, almost giving up way too many times to count, along with doubting myself at times, I was finally approached by Classroom Craig who composed and produced my EP Voices. 

BRASH!: Where can we listen and purchase your music?

Stephanie: Soundcloud:  Band Camp: 

BRASH!:  Do you have any upcoming projects?

Stephanie: I am currently recording my full length album called Soulutionary One, so definitely keep an ear out for that! Also I am working on a couple music videos for songs from my EP, as well as starring in a music video for one of Classroom Craig’s songs. Those will be out very soon.

BRASH!: Anything else you want your fans to know?

Stephanie: I am completely amazed with the response I have received since the release of my Voices EP. I really have to give thanks to all the people who have listened to and shared my music. Thank you for being you, and know that your choices are changing the world 😉

You can connect with Stephanie Nicole here:


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