Give them what they want

Determining Fan Favorites

Are you aware of what your fans love about you? Knowing what draws your fans to you is very important in planning or re-vamping your marketing efforts. Although it is impossible to please everyone, it’s a good practice to take fan feedback into consideration. Since you already have a marketing plan in place we aren’t advising you to steer completely away from that plan once your fans start giving their responses to your music. However, you can incorporate new tactics into your plan as these activities can constantly change to determine what’s best for your brand.


Social media platforms have been great in connecting artists to their fans. Fans are able to learn more about their favorite artists, listen to new music, get updates on their whereabouts, and more! Use social media to connect with them to obtain research material. Ask open-ended questions get them involved in your creative processes. These activities will help maintain your fans as well as gain the information you need to keep your marketing plan going.


After your fans have provided you with honest and constructive feedback, don’t just sit on it. Determine what they want and find ways to give it to them. If it’s a bigger web presence, direct them to your website or spend a little more time interacting with them on social media in your spare time. If it is more appearances, get with your booking manager and PR rep to see how you all can make this happen. Some requests may not be feasible so if it is not within the budget or an inconvenience place it on the back burner for now.


The best way to show your fans that you’re listening to them and care is to actually execute their wants. Show them that you value them as fans and is willing to give them what they want. Make sure you thank them via social media, website, email blasts etc. to show that you’re appreciative of them and their loyalty to your brand.

Fans are what keep an artist thriving. Don’t lose them but getting so wrapped up into what you want and what you want to see. As long as their requests are within the confinements of your mission and brand, there is nothing wrong with allowing them to steer some of your marketing efforts. Implementing these can actually help you in the long run.

What do YOUR fans want??


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