Give a little, Get a little… that is

Showing support to other artists and entertainers


When was the last time you “retweeted” or gave a shout out to one of your colleagues in the music industry? Or have you attended anther’s performance or event? Although there is slight competition between you and artists there is still room to show support. Showing support to other musicians shows fans that there is positivity and unity in the music industry. It’s not ALWAYS crabs in a barrel. Giving support also shows that artist that you believe in their brand and hopefully, they’ll return the favor. This kind gesture can lead to more brand exposure for you along with a possible collaboration. Not saying that a simple “retweet” or social media shout out guarantees more fans and a feature on a popular musician’s record but it couldn’t hurt.

Make sure the love you show is genuine. If you don’t particularly like a song or wouldn’t buy it if you were an ordinary fan, then don’t fake it. However, it is kind to encourage others to at least take a listen to find out for themselves if they’ll enjoy the new project or not. For the music that you find yourself listening to over and over as well as give you inspiration, tell the world about it. A simple tweet, facebook, or Instagram post can show your support.

You can also show your support by attending concerts, charity functions, and other events. Media outlets will cover these events and will jump at getting red carpet photos and interviews with other artists who show up in attendance. Take advantage of this opportunity to support while getting your brand some press.

When the support is returned make sure you show your gratitude by showing even more support. This cycle of positivity will help you gain allies in the industry as well as expand your network. It is always a good practice to continue building your network and showing support for other artists, labels, entertainers, and music productions is a great start.

Positive reinforcement is greatly needed in the music industry today. Why not be a leader in this and start a positive cycle of supporting others in this industry.



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