Give them some luvin’….

Showing support for positive media outlets

BRASHofficial_logoWhen you hear the words “media” and “press” these days, a negative outlook is given due to the amount of bad press given to our favorite entertainers. However, positive media deserves just as much attention, promotion, and recognition. The positive media outlets aren’t’ looking to bash entertainers in order to gain readers and advertisers. These media outlets are looking to give the best exposure to talented individuals and highlight their successes rather than their downfalls. As an artist, it is important that you support the positive media outlets and give less attention to the negative ones. We all know that some are a guilty pleasure but ask yourself, would you want them to feature or represent you in that same negative light?

It is important for artists and fans to constantly support magazines, radio shows, and blogs who work diligently in reporting positive entertainment content. These media outlets are often shadowed by the “guilty pleasure” media who feeds on exploiting talent by digging up dirty pasts and even going as far as exaggerating or making up stories to stay within their audiences’ radar. So as an indie artist, how do you show your support?

  •  Social Media. Read and re-post/retweet stories produced from these positive media outlets. Tell your fans how you feel about it and encourage them to read as well.
  • Response. It seems that we always see entertainers give their time and attention to negative stories in hopes to clear their names. If this happens to you, ignore and focus on the positive stories about you as well as your colleagues in the entertainment industry.
  • Media events. Attend some of the events these media outlets are hosting and/or sponsoring. Be sure to take photos and post on your social media accounts. Attending these events will show a grand support and show fans as well as their audience how much of an impact they make in the industry.
  • Submit for features and interview. When looking for press for your brand and/or upcoming projects, include the positive media outlets on your list of submissions as well. Communicate this with your PR team so that they’ll be able to give the best media pitch for your feature.
  • Advertising. Although you want to spend your marketing/advertising budget on the most popular media outlets, look towards the quality media outlets as well to bring in their audience. Their following will include REAL fans of the entertainment industry who can eventually turn onto loyal fans of your music/brand as well.

Negative media has become very popular over the past decade and it is important to bring to the forefront the positive media outlets who are looking to report on the entertainment industry’s positive sides. Just as fans should be encouraged to support quality talent within the music industry, positive and quality media outlets are to be supported as well. Its time to give more of our support to positive media rather than constantly feed into exaggerated stories and lies put forth to tear down fellow entertainers.


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