A change is coming…..That change is here!

Adjusting your marketing plan to cope with the changes in technology


Are you ready for what technology has in store for the music industry? Are you aware of how you must adapt in order to keep up with these changes? If not, then you better get ready! How we purchase, listen, share, and promote music has changed drastically over the past decade. When I was young, I purchased singles and albums on cassette tapes. While listening, there was no immediate skipping to the next song and there was a “B” side where I’d have to eject the tape and flip it over to finish listening. Today, neither cassette tapes nor players are in sight. Even CD’s are going to be phased out due to convenience of purchasing and downloading music to our phones , laptops, and other mobile devices.  These conveniences can be very exciting however if you’re not keen on the various updates in technology you’ll be left in the dust. It’s best to keep up so that you’re able to develop innovative ways to get your music heard.


You may ask yourself: “How can I keep up?” Look around at what your music industry colleagues are doing. Artists are now utilizing the World Wide Web to market/promote and sell their music. (In which you may be doing already). Now all you have to do is take this recipe and add your own ingredients to aid in your brand standing out over the other online music sales.  Find out what they aren’t doing as well as what is lacking in the online music sales and promotions as a whole.. Keep your consumers on their toes by providing creative ways for them to interact with your marketing efforts.

Some artists tend to get stuck in their ways due to not wanting to change in working with the ever changing technology age. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to some of the things that works well for you however, the attention span of a lot of consumers these days are not very lengthy. People want to be entertained, “wowed”, and have the insurance of getting their money’s worth. Don’t sink into the attitude of falling behind because you refuse to move forward. Change doesn’t have to happen overnight so making gradual steps will be fine. In this attempt to make these gradual steps remember, staying the same may be detrimental to the future of your music career.

The way music is marketed today is very different from how it was marketed in the beginning of the new millennium. Yes I still yearn for the days of pulling out my CD book along with the portable player as well as  only using my phone to call people for emergencies. However, industries want to create  convenience for its consumers. Online marketing and sales are key factors in this convenience level. Consumers don’t have to worry about their favorite artist being sold out at stores and artists don’t run the risk of their fans losing interest while waiting for music to be restocked. Music is now available to consumers in the palm of their hands and that can be amazing to established and new artists if it is embraced in the right way.

Now go be innovative!


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