In the right place

Getting your music heard in the TV and Film world

BRASH_IIMusic has a lot to do with how we interact, relate, and even cope with life.  Music can heighten a situation or sum up how a person feels with just the right verse and/or chorus. The world can’t turn without music. Imagine watching your favorite television show, commercial, or film with no music. It would be impossible to enjoy. Every action sequence, love scene, sentimental moment loses feeling. You can’t connect without music. So why can’t your be the key in connecting an audience to an intense scene or a funny anecdote?  Create options for your music to be heard. Tap into the TV and Film world to make this happen.

Music placements can be a lot of work to obtain but the payoff can be grand. Getting your music on popular television shows, movies, and commercials can expand your audience and help boost promotions for your current or upcoming projects. So what can you do to get started?


Keep creating. Be creative while writing, producing, and recording your music. Keep in mind that your song could be placed in the next hit TV show, commercial of a popular brand, or film. You don’t want to shop music that is not up to par. Music supervisors receive a plethora of music submissions. Make yours stand out to show them how your music can connect with their audience as well.

Do your research. Find out the type of shows and movie franchises are currently popular. Also look at trending shows; the ones who are not on everyone’s immediate radar but have a great audience and a potential in an increase of viewership. Determine whether the songs in your catalogue will fit their themes and character interactions. Also, look at what your fans are watching. Placements in the shows and movies that your fans love can keep your music on their minds. You definitely want to stay within your target audience with most of your placements.

Make connections. You MUST connect with the proper industry professionals who are able to get placements for your music. Go to film premieres to show you’re interested in their projects, send your music to music supervisors, and find their assistants and interns to get your foot in the door.

Your current efforts in marketing your music just may get you the fans you need but this industry is bout growth and progression. In addition, if you find yourself in a slump in marketing your music, look into getting it placed within TV and films. A lot of great artists have been discovered and brought to mainstream by one song that was placed in a popular TV, commercial, or film.

For more in depth information read this article by an individual who has found success in music placements: “4 Steps to Film and TV Placement” by Helen Austin:

Get Placed!!!


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