Jan 2014 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Anvill Music Group

To kick of 2014, BRASH! is taking you all the way to Richmond, VA highlighting Anvill Music Group. Check out our interview with this inspirational group below.


BRASH! : What is your inspiration for writing new songs?
Anvill Music Group: Inspiration comes so many different ways and at so many odd times/places. [For example a song on the radio, or something heard on a friend’s music playlist].  For us it usually starts with a simple melody or a set of lyrics.  We then try to listen to what feeling or emotion the melody/lyric is giving off.  We hardly ever start off writing in the studio or on instruments but we will eventually end up finishing in the studio some later time.

BRASH!: How did you get your start in the music industry?
Anvill Music Group: We started out as writers in the studio working on different gospel and R&B records.  This gave us experience in learning the production side of things.  We’ve been writing for several different artists for about the past 15 years now.

BRASH!: When was the defining moment where you decided that you were going to pursue music?
Anvill Music Group: Music has always been a part of our life.  So I would say the moment was when our first song was written, and demo’d.

BRASH!: What is your most proudest moment to date in your music journey?
Anvill Music Group: Being able to collaborate with Anesha Birchett of APLUS.  She is the featured on our new single, Made to Win.  She is a Grammy Nominated songwriter who has written for countless artists in the industry.

BRASH!: What is your ultimate goal in your music career?
Anvill Music Group: Our ultimate goal is ministry; the message of Jesus.  We want to deliver a message of hope and see lives changes whether it be a song that’s written, or in a something we say. Our job is to speak to life’s problems, issues, and situations.

BRASH!: How do you feel about the current state of Inspirational Music?
Anvill Music Group: It’s going in a great direction. Inspirational music today has a much broader appeal to the masses, crossing social and cultural barriers.  Artist’s are expressing themselves more by being open and transparent about their own personal life experiences and being able to translate this to their audience.

BRASH!: Who are your top 3 artists?
Anvill Music Group: Big fans of Ashmont Hill, Imogen Heap, & Micah Stampley.

BRASH!: What is your advice to other aspiring artists fighting for a chance at a music career?
Anvill Music Group: Don’t shortchange yourself into one lane.  Treat your career like a never-ending job interview.  The more you put out there, the more likely you will be recognized and publicized.  It’s all about selling yourself, your brand, and knowing your audience.  Do it for the right reasons, not just for money or fame.

BRASH!:  Where can we listen and purchase your music?
Anvill Music Group: Our brand new single will be available for purchase on iTunes, and CD Baby on January 14th.   Coming fall 2014, we are releasing our new cd, Anvill Music presents, “Made to Win” (M2W) cd featuring many great guests artists.

BRASH!: Do you have any upcoming projects?
Anvill Music Group: A song called, “Strengthen My Hands” was recently selected to be on a compilation cd called, “The Outreach Project” at jadahnation.co/outreach.  The song was originally demo’d with no real goal to release it.  We are currently in the studio with Chiquita Cross, an artist from the Virginia area, who will be releasing her single later this year.

Twitter: twitter.com/TheAnvillGroup
Facebook: www.facebook.com/inspiritmin
Website: artistecard.com/AnvillMusicGroup
Other: soundcloud.com/judahnation/strengthen-my-hands


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