February BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Jamie Bailey

We are continuing to deliver quality indie artists each month for our BRASH! Artist Spotlight Features. For the month of February we are highlighting singer/songwriter/musician Jamie Bailey. Check out his entertaining and inspiring interview with BRASH! below:

Jamie bailey pic studio

B! – What is your inspiration for writing new songs?

JB – It can come in many ways but usually from an overwhelming feeling that I need to sit down and just write! Sometimes I may be playing on the piano or guitar and little riffs come in to my head. Some songs can be written in minutes, some over weeks but I don’t usually set out to write a particular song, I just tend to let it happen naturally and try not to over analyze the process.

B! – When was the defining moment where you decided that you were going to pursue music?

JB – I suppose the first time I realized I wanted to pursue music was after my first ever performance singing standby with my guitar in front of my whole secondary school [in the 8th grade]. I felt it also helped me avoid years of bullying for my ginger [red] hair! Plus I used to get out of loads of lessons at school.

B! – What is your most proudest moment to date in your musical journey?

JB – Playing at the Closing ceremony of London Olympics was big for me but the pleasure of being a musician and teacher is you have lots of little proud moments to look back at whether it is in the studio listening back to your creations or watching some of the kids perform in my classes. 

B! – What is your ultimate goal in your music career?

JB – Global songwriting dominance

B! – How do you bounce back from obstacles and/or setbacks?

JB – I don’t I leap over them (he says sarcastically!) Obviously life can always get in the way of you achieving or being what you want to be, but it’s important to be resilient and make sure you learn from doing your 29th open mic slot where you’ve had to pay to perform! Lol

B! – Who are some artists/producers you would like to work with in the future?

JB – There are so many to even begin but more recently I have been loving what Naughty Boy has been doing and also Labrinth. 

B! – What is your advice to other aspiring artists fighting for a chance at a music career?

JB – I have no clue! Let me know when you have the answers and share them with me…  Joking aside,  Build a fan base, work hard and keep plugging away to get your music and  name out;  through social networking sites, collaborating with other artist, network events, gigs, magazine, radio big and small. If you get setbacks don’t take it to heart, one person’s view is not everyone’s view,  music is a very subjective art form and not everyone likes the same thing. If you have the talent and put in the hard work you will get there in the end.    

B! – Where can we listen and purchase your music?

JB – YouTube Jamie Bailey and ITunes “Under Pressure” which has been released through buffalo beats and of course when the EP is finished you will be the first to hear it.

B! – Do you have any upcoming projects?

JB –  I have a couple of projects in the pipeline, working with some quality up and coming artist and producers from the UK and US, I’m also playing a gig at the Finsbury on the 10th March.

Follow Jamie Bailey on Twitter and Facebook!
Twitter – @JamieBailey85
Facebook  – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamie-Bailey/707605932600107?ref=hl


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