Cover that!

Making classic music your own

Many artists have taken advantage of covering their favorite songs. Some have tried and failed while others have gained huge success in putting their own twist on a vintage hit record. As an artist you must display your range what better way than to cover a most beloved tune.  This can be used as a marketing tool for you as well to introduce you to fans of the music who know the song but are unaware of who you are. Have you thought about re-doing a song for your mix tape or other marketing materials? Think about your most favorite song and think of how you remake it into your own. How would you keep the same feelings of the lyrics while putting your twist on it while at the same time, doing that song as well as the artist justice? If done properly, covering a song can take you to new levels and add to your musical portfolio. Now I’m not going to get into the legal logistics of gaining permissions to record, distribute a remake.  However, this blog will help you to understand how this can aid in getting your brand to the masses.

Before you book a studio session, ask yourself: Am I able to pull this off? Do not take on a project if you’re not 100% sure your fans as well as the song’s fans will love and appreciate you for it. A lot of time artists are so wrapped up in finding that one good gimmick to get their name out there or back on the radar of the music industry, they forget about the quality it takes to put into each project. Understand that die-hard music fans are very sensitive about their favorite hits so you don’t want to “mess it up”.

What can you bring to the music that stamps your name/brand on it? Its awesome that you want to have that same level of performance as the original artist. But keep in mind that you want to be yourself. Work with producers to find arrangements that show who you are.

After your cover is done, make sure you do heavy marketing/promotional activities within your current along with the original artists’ market. These activities will help you expand your audience. Add this cover to your usual music set during live performances. Look to book gigs within your “new found” market to perform the cover song. Take heed to the feedback both positive and negative to see what worked for you as well as what didn’t.

Recording and/or performing a cover tune can be a great tool in your overall marketing scheme for your musical brand. However the key is showing your personality while still delivering that same quality. Don’t work too hard at trying to recreate the same success or even “out do” the original success. Build a great buzz around this marketing scheme to get your fans excited about how you’ll deliver.

What do you want to cover?


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