April ’14 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Ratron

BRASH! is back with a young hip hop artist, Ratron from New Orleans. He gives us a genuine look at his world, inspirations, and sacrifices for his success in the music industry. Check out his exclusive interview with BRASH! below!!!


B!:What is your inspiration for writing new songs?

Ratron:My inspiration for new songs comes from my environment. The things I see and experience. My life and the people I know inspire a lot of my music.

B!:How did you get your start in the music industry?

Ratron:  My start with music was with my younger cousin at first, he had an in-home studio set up. I would spend like my whole summer over there just recording music and sleeping at his crib. Some of his homies would come through and record a lot so I had to maneuver around that. When I came back home after the summer, I let a couple of people, including my pops, listen to the music I was making.  When I got their responses it was like “yeah, I can do this!”

B!:What risk did you take to start or further your career in music?

Ratron:  I wouldn’t say I made large risks yet, it was more sacrifices. Me being in high school, you know there’s a lot of parties every other weekend. I would be recording Friday nights, and the night after that!  Sometimes I would stay home from school just because I came up with a tight song or something


B!:How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?

Ratron:  I feel like the music industry is in a sort of renaissance period.  It’s kind of like its coming back to a meaningful point. The creativity and spark is all coming back around. Currently, we have more crossing of Genres than before in my opinion, and I support it.

B!:Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

Ratron:  I would love to collaborate with Lil’ Wayne.  The reason for that would be I grew up on “The Hot Boys”.  They’re all legends to me, but he was the favorite. From the mid-late 90’s. Baller Blockin’ is still one of my favorite movies!

B!:What is your advice to other aspiring artists fighting for a chance?

Ratron:  My advice would be keep fighting man, believe in yourself. Belief and action is key. I’m still fighting!

B!:Where can we listen and purchase your music?

Ratron:Everything I’ve given so far has been free, I don’t want to hustle those that support me so early. Hahahaha! But, you guys can definitely check me out on soundcloud.  My 2nd website should be up soon.

B!:Do you have any upcoming projects?

Ratron:  I have a project titled “481” being released in memory of my great grandmother, on her birthday, April 18th.  It will be available on hotnewhiphop, datpiff, and soundcloud.

I really want you guys to know how grateful I am for those who support me! Ya’ll tight!  – Ratron

Visit Ratron’s social media pages:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RatronW
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ratronw
Soundcloud: – https://soundcloud.com/tronraps
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/RatronW


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