August 2014 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Tamara Bubble

BRASH! is BACK and kicking off the return with an AMAZNG BRASH! Artist Spotlight. Tamara Bubble is a Brooklyn, NY native ready to sing her way to the top. We got a chance to interview this singing beauty to learn more about her music, her humble beginnings, and a leap of faith that pushed her towards living her dreams.

Tamara Bubble - low res2

B!: How did you get your start in the music industry?

Tamara: At my first professional photo shoot.  I also act and model, but I was introduced to a producer that was looking to lay reference vocals on some productions he wanted to submit to Jazmine Sullivan. I sang for him and he asked if I wrote songs. I told him that I did and when home that night and wrote 10 songs in 2 hours. I was hooked, but on my own material. I’ve been pursuing music ever since.

B!: What risk did you take to start or further your career in music?

Tamara:  I quit my day job. I was a CPA at a big-4 accounting firm in Manhattan. I walked away like it was a stroll in the park. I didn’t look back! The biggest risk you always take is believing in yourself and following your dream. I’m still over here on cloud 9 … living this dream.

B!: On your website, you describe your music style as defying genres. How did that come about?

Tamara:  I have so many musical influences. I have a gospel background, but I also listened to R&B, Rap, Pop and Soul. Later, I bumped into Jazz on Youtube. I listen to so many different genres and I wanted to deliver the music that kept popping in my head. I couldn’t limit myself to one genre. It depended on the mood I was in. If I was feeling aggressive or angry even, I rapped. If I’m in sassy mode, Jazz it is. Lovey-Dovey, then it’s R&B. I would record a song in one genre and then switch the entire melody and production and create a completely different feeling in another genre using the same lyrics. I honestly like blending the genres. I’ll sing, rap, and scat all on one song.

B!: So far, you’ve opened up for some great & major artists. Which artist was your favorite to open up a show for?

Tamara:  I would say it was a tie opening up for Young Thug and Yo Gotti. Those crowds had some unbelievable energy. I’ll take dope crowds over great venues any day. You can put me in a hole-in-the-wall spot and if you have fun, exciting people there to see you, the turn up will always be REAL!

B!: How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?

Tamara:  I think the industry is in a good place. A lot of people complain about overexposure and saturated markets, but technology has created opportunities and careers for the unsigned and indies. You no longer have to be dictated what to listen to or force fed the next big hit.  You can go online and be your own A&R. Discover your own legends and support them without any hype.

B!: Who is your favorite artist? And why?

Tamara:  If I can only pick one it has to be Michael Jackson. His stage presence was so powerful. If you really listen to his entire catalog, he could sing about ANYTHING and people would love him for it! He style and technique and impact were and are unmatched! They don’t call him the “King of Pop” for no reason.


B!: What is your most proudest moment in your musical journey to date?

Tamara:  My proudest moment was recently when a little girl came up to me after a show I did in Annapolis, MD and said “you were amazing” and that she also wanted to be a singer. I was blushing sooooo heavy because my goal is ultimately to get my music out to the world, but it’s a feeling that cant be explained knowing that you have the ability to inspire people each and every day living your dream.

B!: What is your advice to other aspiring artists looking to be where you are now?

Tamara:  There’s so music available now that the key to standing out amongst the noise is to work hard and be different which really just means “be you”. Nobody sings like you, nobody raps or dances like you. Nobody will ever look like you … unless you have an identical twin so embrace your originality.


B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music?

Tamara:  You can buy my entire catalog from my official website My music is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify and all major digital retailers. You can also check me out LIVE in a city near you. Visit my official website and click on “TOUR” page or go to

Tamara Bubble Rock The Belles

B!: What’s next for you?

Tamara:  I’m gearing up for my next release.  It will either be later this year or early next year. It’s called “Sparks Fly”. It’ll be a breath of fresh air. I’m excited. It’s exciting lol and possibly controversial, but all the way bubbly. Stay tuned! #BubbleOnDeck


Check out Tamara Bubble LIVE in a city near you! Click here to view her touring schedule on the official website to see where she will be performing next!


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