Are you frustrated yet?

Dealing with life’s obstacles when you’re trying to “make it big”


With any dream or career path it is inevitable that you will run into some obstacles, make bad decisions, and experience setbacks along the way. These situations will have you questioning whether or not your dream is meant to be. However, it is always said that once you hit a low in your journey you should push harder because something grand is just around the corner. Instead of being down, take this as an opportunity to refocus, regroup, and restart your efforts to gain success.

Look for advice: Within any industry there are individuals who have been where you are. Try to reach out to them to see what they did to bring them out of their mental rut. If you can’t have direct contact with any one, research established artists. Everyone has a story/testimony of how they fought and fought until they reached their big break. Use their story as your inspiration to keep going.

Re-work your mistakes: Mistakes are a part of the journey which should be looked at as a learning process. Some mistakes are better made when you’re on your way so that you’ll know what NOT to do when you’ve hit mainstream. Take a few moments to vent and let out your frustrations however, DO NOT stay in that place for long. Look at what didn’t work; find the positive outcomes in your mistakes, and most importantly, MOVE ON.

Write it down: Write down all of your frustrations. Getting them out on paper may be an inspiration for a new song, album concept, etc. Don’t allow these feelings to cause stress; turn them around and use them for your benefit.

Find inspirations: Look for things/people/places to inspire you. Fresh ideas come from our inspirations. Go to your place of peace whether if it’s a walk on the beach,  listening to your favorite artist, or even talking with others who motivate you. Put yourself in situations where you’ll be inspired to move forward with a new outlook on your career.

Take a step back: It is ok to take a break to regroup and get your thoughts aligned. If you’re constantly working being within a bad headspace you will not be very productive. Spend time with family and/or close friends. Watch your favorite movie. Find things that make you laugh. THEN get back to work.

All of these ideas to help you when you’re down on your luck seem clichéd however you must have a constant reminder of this. Putting these into practice will help you to deter from thoughts of depression, giving up, and throwing away everything you’ve worked so hard to attain. KEEP GOING! Don’t allow temporary frustrations to get you down. You have a gift to share with the world!


Another great read on this subject: “Slow down, but don’t stop”


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