Show them better than you tell them

Social Media is not enough

BRASHofficial_logoSocial media marketing is a great tool, but this medium cannot be your only plan of attack when promoting your music. How are you going to show your audience that you can deliver through with only a 13 sec Instagram video? How can you connect with your fans outside of technology? SHOW THEM!

You can’t rely solely on social media to be successful at building your brand, although it is necessary in the process. You want to get in front of an audience as much as possible. Show that not only can you deliver on an mp3; you can deliver a grand performance. Allow the listeners to introduce their followers to your music by tweeting, posting pics/videos of your performance.

Take part in the opportunities available for you to make this happen:

Talent showcases: Throughout various cities there are opportunities for you to showcase your talents to gain followers, possible management opportunities, or even gain  paid gigs. Some are competitions with chance of winning cash, working with a talents producer, studio sessions, or even representation. Usually talent showcases can cost you a minimal fee, it is an investment to in your career.

Fashion/Charity events: Just like musicians, fashion industry professionals and non-profit organizations are trying to build their brand as well. In order to keep the crowd engaged during their events, often musical talents are sought out to add flare to the festivities. Don’t hesitate to volunteer for these events. These performances will help you to network and even possibly partner with professionals to aid you in your career.

Do it yourself: If you can’t find either of the previous mentioned opportunities, create your own. Although this will take funding, time, and hard work, put on your own show. If marketed correctly, you’ll give yourself the chance to display your talents in front of a live audience to get feedback, awareness, and an increased following. Invite industry professionals to come out as well to show them that you are talented and serious.

Taking the risk of putting yourself out there can be scary however; this risk can reward you with a great return. Everyone is an “internet artist” today. Show music lovers what makes you stand out above the rest. Show everyone just how serious you are about taking your career to the next level. Show them exactly what you can offer to the music industry.


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