Sept ’14 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – Black Ces

BRASH! is kicking out the Fall season with a new artist spotlight….Black Ces.  This artist gave BRASH! an inside look on his perspective of today’s music industry and how artists can use the forever changing industry to succeed. Check out this inspirational interview below!!!


B!: What is your inspiration for writing new songs?

Black Ces: I am a real hands-on person when it comes to new material so as long as I am in a room with the door closed I can get my thoughts out.  I try to approach my music to be innovative as possible.  So I like to look at things from my perspective and see where the opportunity lies.  I have a competition with myself to be only as hot as my last track so when I see an idea, I try to make it as substantial as possible.

B!: How did you get your start in the music industry?

Black Ces: I started rapping with the same squad as when I first got into it.  We used to freestyle in school functions and parties back in the day, it was a real organic thing.  I actually got introduced to it by ken star, we played on the same baseball team and he had DJ equipment.  His dad was into computers so he had all this stuff and gave us a program called cool edit and its been on ever since.

B!: What risk did you take to start or further your career in music?

Black Ces: I was just thinking about this topic the other day on an unrelated note.   I was thinking how much goes into doing this whole music thing if you are serious about it.  So many folks are out here spending untold hours of their life honing their craft to just be satisfied with it themselves, not even counting those who might hear it.   I know it has affected my past relationships, friendships and social life by forgoing the previous in favor of making a beat or writing a new song.  People aren’t very forgiving in those situations but there is only 24 hours in the day so choices have to be made.  But after you make a few great songs instead of hitting the club that night, you start to see the benefit of the sacrifice.  Add in fake promoters and studio time, it can get expensive.  I built my studio from scratch and it’s the best decision I could make.

B!: How do you feel about the current state of the music industry?

Black Ces: I think we are seeing a big change in the way people consume music and it is so many ways to take advantage of this change that it will be a few years before the ‘new norm’ will emerge.  Artists have a choice of which lane they want to go into with the various 360 deals and independent routes.   I think that it is positive for the fans to be able to have the access to the music from the artist they want to hear but it is up to the artist to deliver.  An artist can be successful in today’s market with no label support and still have a strong presence while being profitable.

B!: Who would you like to collaborate with and why?

Black Ces: There are so many incredible artists that I have on my list but I know it would be an honor to work with “The Killers”.  They are so inspiring to me from a musical standpoint.  I have been a fan from the first time I heard them and rushed out and bought everything I could.  I don’t think I would even want to put a vocal on the track to be honest, I would just want to write the song, let Brandon Flower sing it and then do a remix.

B!: What is your advice to other aspiring artists fighting for a chance?

Black Ces: Don’t give up if you truly love it.  You can’t always be in the right place at the right time but you can be ready all the time.  I would advise you to learn as much as you can about recording and mixing from the free resources on the internet and learn as much as you can about the music business.  Invest in yourself to me means, copyright your music, own your instrumental and get a publishing company to get your dues for any released music.  Then hire a good camera guy, get your radio play and perform as much as you can.  The list goes on but that is the basic mindset I would advise.

B!: Where can we listen and purchase your music?

Black Ces: You can find me on and  I have music available for purchase on and we appreciate your support.


B!: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Black Ces: We are gearing up for the nationwide release of 2 new songs from

dropping this September.  In addition, my long running mixtape series T.K.O.R. v11 is available for download on DatPiff and LiveMixtapes.

TKOR v10 use 2

Check out the new releases from Ken Star, justMusic, J-Money are available with a new Blazing Entertainment mixtape dropping soon.  Follow @livefrom434 to stay updated on what’s to come!!!

Official Website:


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