Just say “No” to the “Yes” people

Understanding when to let go of the wrong crowd

In a previous BRASH! Blog, we talked about how imperative is it to, “Pick your team wisely”. As an artist, not only do you want the right business professionals on your team, you want to make sure that you have the right individuals (i.e. entourage) in your corner as well. Friends, family, and even those on your pay role or volunteering their time, can be a bad influence on you. Bad influences can cause you to make the wrong decisions resulting in you going down a misguided path. Although you will make mistakes along your journey, its best that you recognize the signs of having the wrong “yes” people on your team.


Society has everyone thinking that you’re not successful unless you have a large entourage around you everywhere you go. A large group of friends and people with business phones surrounding you DOES NOT neither equal success nor gives a confirmation that you’ve made it. Many artists have found and maintained their success without associating themselves with large groups of friends. You don’t need that type of confirmation to validate yourself as a successful artist. No matter how glamorous it may look on the outside, it can be a down fall in your career.

Learn to recognize these people early:

  • If you find yourself dealing with people who are only around when you’re receiving perks, they should not be kept around for long. Real friends are there with you during the peaks of your career as well as when you’re in the trenches.
  • Some individuals are only looking for a leg up for their own endeavors. As you may already know, friendships are about give and take. Once you find yourself constantly helping out someone but it isn’t reciprocated, you should start distancing yourself.
  • True friends advise you of then you are not taking your career serious and constantly involving yourself in activities that can hurt you in the long run. Sitting back and watching you party, encouraging the participation in bad habits, and creating a bad name for yourself if not a good way to help you become the best. They should at least be able to be honest with you if you’re going on a potential downward spiral.
  • Not only are friends able to hold you back, illegitimate industry people have their way of adding to the negative aspects of a music career. There are so many “wanna be” managers, marketers, publicists, etc. who are willing to exploit you in order for their gains. REAL business men and women only want the best for you. If they constantly allow you to do things to yourself that can be detrimental to you and your career, they may not have your best interest in mind. Understand that it is not their jobs/duties to babysit you however they should at least make an attempt to let you know that you certain activities can damage the brand.

You MUST be careful of who you are associate with when building a career and brand. With technology making it easier to blast bad behavior, you can’t afford any losses during the climb to success. Watch out for the warning signs of negative people in your camp and find ways to weed them out. There is nothing wrong with letting the bad apples go because this is YOUR career.


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