Where are you?

Letting your fans know where you’re going to be and when

Promotional teams are usually in place to promote appearances, showcases and tours. However, it is a common practice for artists to promote their appearances and performances as well. This extra insurance will make sure your fans are well aware of where you are at all times. If you aren’t able to have a street team or multiple promoters, there are various ways to get this information out to your fans along with the general public.

Take advantage of the web to reach these people and let them know, remind them, and remind them again!

  • Website: Your website is one of your main online marketing tools. Having your music, photos and a bio isn’t enough anymore. Create a page or a section (and update it often) to let your fans know about your appearances and performances. Tweet, Facebook, and even post a screen shot of this page on Instagram to let your fans know that you will be at a city near them and when.
  • Social Media Platforms: Utilize your social media pages to keep them updated. Find trending and useful hashtags to gain their attention and get your performance trending as well.
  • Email Marketing: Setup email marketing campaigns to send out updates to your fans. Use eye-catching headlines to ensure the emails won’t get spammed or go unopened. Email marketing can be very effective if used properly. Be sure not to overload your fans’ inboxes with emails that contain the same content. Try to find various and marketable ways to provide your performance/appearance information to get them excited.
  • Press Releases: Press releases are used to not only gain the general public’s attention but media outlets use these for content pieces as well. Sending out a press release to online/print publications as well as entertainment blogs will give much exposure to for you, especially if you’re going on tour.

All of these must be planned strategically to give the public time to plan to attend your functions. Set up a calendar as to when you want your emails, press releases to go out as well as plan on how many times a day you feel it is best to run your social media campaign as well.  Sometimes its hard for indie artists to have a full team to aid in promotions. This will get you well on your way in promoting your bookings.


Now go tell them where you are!!!!


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