BECOMING relevant to STAY relevant

Keeping yourself on their minds


In the entertainment industry, a great percentage of the battle is keeping your name on the minds of your fans and the media. In recent times, celebrities move towards reality TV to stay on the public’s radar however, these show types aren’t built for everyone. It is best to find new, creative, and innovative ways to keep your name rotating in the industry.

Product endorsements:

Today, artists are gaining more exposure and money by obtaining endorsements deals from popular products and services. Even artists who are in between record deals and albums pick these up to keep their name in rotation. Product endorsements can be helpful however, you must make sure that you are endorsing the right kind of products/services that will help your brand, not hurt it. Don’t jump on the first deal that comes to you. Do your research; make sure the produce/service and company is legit before making any final decisions. Often, up and coming artists have signed on to endorse products such as clothing lines, hair care companies, cosmetics, and jewelry lines on a pro bono agreement. Its ok when you’re starting out however do not make a habit of always putting your name on products without the proper contracts and deals that will benefit both parties involved.

Charity organization sponsorship:

Charity functions, non-profit organizations, and events are great ways to keep you out there along with supporting great causes. There are various local and national charities to get involved with to volunteer your time and your name. In addition, utilize your press/media connections to raise awareness for the cause you’re supporting. Help them to raise awareness and funds.

To read more about what you can do check out our previous blog “Pause for the Cause”.

Fashion Industry:

Celebrities are now setting the latest fashion trends. As an indie artist, you can take advantage of supporting and even becoming brand ambassadors for existing and new clothing lines, stylists, and designers. These opportunities can lead you to more exposure, more press, and even more money to invest in yourself. You can network with these individuals by attending fashion events and showcases and even performing at these events. Some fashion productions actually allow artists to grace the runways in their runway shows. This may even spark your inner designer to develop your own fashion brand in the future.

Possibilities are endless if you are surrounded by the right people and opportunities to keep your name out there. Never think too small when looking to find new and innovative ways to market yourself. If you’re not too keen on these things and how to open these doors make sure the business professionals on your team are. It’s a waste of time to work so hard to make a name for yourself to allow it to fade away.


So get up and STAY RELEVANT!!!




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