Dec ’14 BRASH! Artist Spotlight – PrettyGeeky

BRASH! is finishing 2014 strong featuring a female emcee PrettyGeeky (PG). This artist is giving rap music lovers the message that REAL HIP HOP is NOT DEAD. Check out our exclusive interview with her below!!!



B!: How would you describe your sound?

PrettyGeeky: I’d say it resembles the golden era of Hip Hop, like years ‘96-‘99 in a way because I bring back storytelling over dope Hip Hop beats. But then at the same time, I switch up every now and then and do different shit, I try not to limit myself and be as versatile as possible.


B!: What inspired you to become a rapper/songwriter?

PrettyGeeky:  I’d have to say Life & rhythm inspired me. And as cheesy as it may sound, that’s what inspires me til this very day. Plus my mother is the biggest Hip Hop head I ever encountered; she was born in the seventies so she lived through all of those eras. My mother plays a big role with me making music. She introduced me to a lot of the music that I still listen to now from back then.


B!: What message (if any) are you trying to give the world through your music?

PrettyGeeky: Real Rap still exists. & Its more ill females out here, such as myself, spitting that DOPE!


B!: Based on your experience, do you think it is harder for women in the music industry to do what they love while sticking to their own style/image?

PrettyGeeky: No, not all, I think its how you present yourself as an artist and that pretty much determines how others look at you, and perceive you as an artist. It’s all about presentation. And good music speaks for itself, no matter what you’re portraying.


B!: What is your most proudest moment in your musical journey to date?

PrettyGeeky: I’d say winning a slot to perform at “Live At Center Stage” in Dennis Port, MA. on Valentines Day this year, but the fact that its away from home, and it’s a paying gig with a different crowd, and new faces, makes it even bigger than what it is. I get to perform a whole hour of my unreleased projects. The crowds in for a treat!


B!: You mentioned that you mixed and mastered the song “Brooklyn Girl” yourself, how did you come to start working with music on the production side?

PrettyGeeky: Not entirely by myself, a producer name Nick Atkins who goes by “Khre8TivitEE” did majority of the work, I just added a few instruments here and there, but he’s the real MVP behind the beat. But I wanted to make this song as dope as possible, and my music senses wouldn’t stop until it was fully satisfied with the song. The outcome is pretty amazing though; it was worth the blood, sweat, and tears. So I guess this song kind of drove me into producing things. I’ve been working on a lot of sounds lately, not the best, but ill get there, eventually.



B!: What are fans to expect from your upcoming projects?

PrettyGeeky: GOOD MUSIC. Every song was written with time and the beats were chosen carefully. So, if you haven’t heard a mixtape where you can play it through without skipping a song in awhile, this is it. Every song is dope. And I’m already working on the next tape, which is more planned out more thoroughly than the one I’m soon to release. Expect nothing but good music.


B!: Are we to be expecting any upcoming live performances soon?

PrettyGeeky: Definitely. I’m taking some time off to finish recording this mixtape, but I’ll be performing in Dennis Port, MA this coming winter on Valentines Day. I’m expecting a full crowd, so, whoevers reading this should also attend.


B!: Are there any other areas within the entertainment industry where you see yourself working in the future?

PrettyGeeky: Not at this moment. Still trying to become the next big in music history.


B!: Where can we listen/purchase your music? (For the Brooklyn Girl Single)


Be sure to follow her on social media:
Twitter: @Ur_Sucking_PG
Instagram: @UrSuckingPG


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