Now what?!?!

When the wave of success/failure has died down


With any career, you’ll have your highs and lows. It is what you do after these periods that will define who you are as an artist. Many look at that one hit expecting it to carry them throughout their entire career. This method leads to them falling off quickly due to lack of planning/game plans.  On the other hand, artists allow years of failed business deals, bad records, and closed doors to be the end of them. How can one pick them self up after failure(s)? What is the next best step after you’ve achieved a certain level of success?

After a series of Bad moments:

When starting anything in life you MUST have a plan which should include goals, objectives, and plans of actions to achieve them. Revert back to this original plan. Figure out what was done wrong, in attempting to reach these goals and objectives. Determine what worked, and what didn’t. Maybe you didn’t network enough or you possibly needed to work more on developing your talent.  Also, maybe you found a different strategy along the way in which you can include in the next attempt. Revisit some of the activities and progress that you have made to revamp your plan that will work best for you.

Also after your down moments, stick with what you know how to do. If you are doing very well within the social media marketing area, continue to do that. No matter how much you feel that an activity is a waste of time, do it anyway. It couldn’t hurt and persistence is always key.

After a series of Successful moments:

Always, always, always take the time to enjoy your successful moments. While you’re enjoying these moments, DO NOT get too comfortable. Allow this time to inspire you to do more and greater things within your career. Continue to promote and celebrate your wins so that your fans and the media can see that you are a legitimate artist who is serious about your music. It is a wonderful feeling when others recognize how your hard work has paid off.

While promoting your successes, get with your team to brainstorm on the next steps. Figure out where you go from there. Do you want to repeat the same type of success with a different song or is it time to branch out and take it to new levels and discover a new sound to tap into a new market. You can also take this time to see what other areas in the entertainment industry you can look into. Many artists strike while the iron is hot and develop their brand by getting into fashion, TV, film, hosting, radio etc.

How you bounce back is the only thing that should matter as an artist. You cannot allow either failure or success to get into your head. Be proud of yourself when you’re up and don’t beat yourself up when you’re done. In both cases, brainstorm, revamp, and keep moving forward.

Ask yourself, Now What???


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