Jan 2015 BRASH! Artist Spotlight (Part I) – Dy-verse Productions Djripridah

BRASH! is kicking off the new year with TWO Artist Spotlight segments. For the first spotlight, we are highlighting Dy-verse Productions. This company is taking indie artists and hitting the pavement with helping them to gain the needed exposure to the musical mainstream world. Check out the exclusive interview with producer Djripridah below:


B!: What inspired you to get into music production?

Djripridah: Being on the street team of famous artist like Eminem, Bone Thugs, Outlaws, Messy Marv, Big Caz, A2Z Ent, I saw a side of the music industry, that most don’t experience. I thought if I worked with local talent and unsigned artist, that I could help gain exposure for the artist and the label.

B!: What style of music/artists do you like to work with the most?

Djripridah: Mainly Hip-Hop, R&B, and poetry. I work with people who have a diverse style, anything from hardcore to mainstream, rappers, emcees, singers, and even poets.

B!:  Share with us a little bit about Dy-verse Productions.

Djripridah: Dy-verse Productions is an independent record label based in San Mateo County. Our Main focus is to gain exposure for underground Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B/Poetry/all music. We work with record labels from all around the Bay Area to guide and gain experiences on the road to success. In collaboration with producers, rappers, emcee, singers, poets along with disc jockeys and other resources have released several CD’s and our working on solo’s, LP’s, EP’s, Mix-tapes, Digital Releases.  We’ve hosted showcases, tour, Radio and many hip-hop podcasts, blog talk ,articles, sound-clouds and our YouTube TV Show DY-TV showcases independent artists and has exclusive content , more to expand our names to a wider audience.

B!: How do you feel about producers starting to be more in the forefront of their music these days instead of behind the scenes? Which do you prefer?

Djripridah: I don’t mind being in the music videos, and introducing the artist, or being on the radio because the more they see me the more they see and hear about. So I want to be seen and heard so the artists will have more opportunities to be seen and heard.


B!: Who would you like to collaborate with next and why?

Djripridah: I would always like to link up with Bone Thugs, or anybody from Psychopathic Records. But realistically I would like to make some new music with some of the people that I’ve worked with on my first compilation. Our 3rd compilation looks completely different than our first two. Some of the artists would be Dre Dub, Mr Piccett, Sell Buddha, Nitris 211, Coconut Loc, Various Blends, and more recently Kid Matic, Denero, and anybody looking to collaborate.

B!: What is your advice to other aspiring artists/producers fighting for a chance?

Djripridah: Keep Pushing and getting your name out there, there are plenty of resources and opportunities for independent artists to gain exposure. We just have to take advantage and grabbing attention are the main outlets for promoting music.

B!: Where can we listen and purchase your music?

Djripridah: You can find our music at Amoebas SF, The Cloud SM, and Online –  http://www.cdbaby.com/artists/dyverseproductions.

Sites like Amazon, Cduniverse have copies. We have new mix-tape on www.datpiff.com/profile/djripridah, our digital releases at http://www.dyverseproductions.bandcamp.com.

For our blogs goto  http://www.dyverseproductions.wordpress.com or www.reverbnation.com/dyverseproductions

Our Music Videos can be seen http://www.youtube.com/user/jbridah

Our Main websitehttp://www.dyverseproductions.com is under construction and re-launching in the near future

I would prefer if you can contact me on any of the social media sites or email djripridah74@yahoo.com  directly for the best deals I give a exclusive bonus disc of our recent discography with any purchase.


B!: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Djripridah: Currently we are recording for the next compilation “Same Shirt Different Day”, along with mix-tapes and several digital releases.  One of our solo artist K-rek is also working on a new mix called Keep Listening and sophomore release Toxic Files.

Please Check out their social media sites as well!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/justin.barwick.52
Instagram: Rekkillion


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